Does the Millstone Around Your Neck Read, “Debt”?

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.Proverbs 22:7 Debt is a type of millstone. Hanging around your neck, ...
pleas for provision

Unanswered Pleas for Provision: What Do You Do?

When our pleas for provision go unanswered by God (or seemingly unanswered), maintaining your faith can be challenging. For a while, our faith may be ...

Are Financial Pressures Affecting Your Marriage?

At some point in our marriage, each of us has faced financial difficulties to varying degrees. We may hear others complain of their financial woes ...


JUNE 2022

Did you know there is a silent killer of many marriages? These are subtle things that we mistakenly do that erode the trust and security within a relationship reducing it to rubble. If left unchecked, it can cause anger and bitterness within. Discover whether you have fallen prey and how to restore your love.

Relatively Speaking

Real Families Living Out Real Faith In A Real World


Graduating With Honors: How to Live Your Life Well

To the best of my recollection, “Pomp and Circumstance” was never played. But to be fair, the…

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Life Lessons From the Grocery Store

I was growing more impatient by the moment.  I hate waiting.  Stuck at the customer service desk…

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Thriving Minds By Shauna Gallagher

Balancing a Thriving Mind with Mental Health

Is Your Faith in Christ Where it Should Be?

Faith in Christ is something we can’t see seems a bit risky. Yet, as humans, even without…

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What Does the Peace of Christ Look Like?

Can you imagine it? The wind is blowing, the waves are tossing, and then you see someone…

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Words of Wisdom

Looking For A Breakthrough?


Hebrews 12 Reveals Steps To Success And Prosperity

Sometimes it's not a miracle that we need to search for... It is walking out the steps that God Has Ordained. Hebrews 12 is an ...

Why Do I Feel Like I’m Living In Defeat Instead Of Victory?

Does the Bible lie? The answer is, no, the Bible does not lie. God's Word is truth, and He cannot lie. However, it is difficult ...
Disneyland parent

Disneyland Parenting Style Examined And Explained

"Why is this not working for me?" The Disneyland parent exclaims often in frustration. The answer is: even though your intentions may be good, the ...

Searching For Happiness In Life? Read Ecclesiastes.

What!?! Ecclesiastes? You have got to be joking! “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher; “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” What profit has a man from all ...
Coronavirus, peace

Coronavirus Pandemic: What’s The Most Powerful Weapon?

Yes, we are experiencing a pandemic and social isolation is not fun. But how you handle it determines the end results Most people's instant reaction ...

Adultery: What Most Don’t Know About This Secret Sin

Committing adultery begins way before the actual act of infidelity Is it infidelity or not? Most of what we deem as infidelity, or cheating, on ...

Business & Leadership

Leadership In All Areas


How to Find Purpose in the Hand You’re Dealt

Written By: Jason Burbage Everyone has their own cross to bear, and their own tears and sorrow. I was born ...
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Financial Evangelist Discusses How To Prosper In A Recession

Financially, issues may be insurmountable for many people- especially in the somewhat aftermath of COVID-19. However, African American author/Financial Planner, ...
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Reviews Of The Latest Christian Movies, Movies, And Books!

Faith & Family

Insight Into Raising Victorious Children!


What if Your Imagination or Thinking Was the Source of Your Pain?

How do you see God? Sometimes in every believer’s life, God seems absent or distant. In the depths of our despair, we cry out and feel like our pleas are falling on deaf ears. If it goes on long enough, we begin to question whether God answers prayers. We question whether we understood Him or…


September ‘National Family Hydration Awareness Month’ Keep Kids Healthy

As we head into fall and are now back to school, it is more important than ever to carry on with healthy hydration habits from the long, hot days of summer. The human body is made up of 50% water, in order to achieve peak hydration needs, kids (ages 4-8) require five cups of water…

Young family with their sons at home having fun

February Issue: Love Fables, Fears, and Fullness Uncovered!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, our thoughts turn towards love, relationships, and marriage. For many of us, our thoughts turn towards that special someone, and our minds create images of what that perfect evening will be. Yet, if you are single and searching, Valentine’s Day may not be the happiest Hallmark holiday. Putting off marriage…