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The Song: A Movie Based on King Solomon With a Modern Day Plot

The Song Release Date: September 26, 2014 Reviewed By: Michelle C. Danko Genre: Romantic Drama  Rating: PG-13 Our Rating: 18+ Starring: Alan Powell, Ali Faulkner, and Caitlyn Nicol-Thomas. Filmmaker: Richard Ramsey Production Company: City of a Hill Loaded with scripture, The Song is the story of King Solomon with a modern day twist. Some have…

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“Life” on Earth, Freely Given

Life on Earth By Neil Heater Last week we looked at water in relation to scripture and its focus. This week the focus is a look at another of the known elements- yet not in the way you might think. Earth has so many variables in the way the word is used. We can look…

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Mandisa’s Get Up: The Remixes Will Supercharge Your Day

Mandisa: Get Up: The Remixes Reviewer: Michelle C. Danko Genre: Dance Released: September 16, 2014 Production Company: Sparrow Records Get Up: The Remixes is Mandisa’s first remixed CD, and contains all of her biggest hits. It was developed for listeners who desired to either exercise/dance to her music, or who just needed a little boost…

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It’s the Water… And Much More!

It’s the Water…and Much More By Neil Heater Water! That refreshing liquid that thirsty men crave and dirty folks anticipate. The sound of it can soothe a tempestuous attitude and the feel of it calm a sweaty brow. This H2O of man’s need has been symbolized in literature as cleanliness and purity. In all of…

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