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Common Misconceptions Satan Doesn’t Want Exposed

New Year equals New You Are you a Christian who feels like you are just spinning your wheels trying to gain traction?  Are you being plagued by temptation and just need a break?  Maybe you feel disconnected from God and are wondering why. Our January issue covers topics that Satan tells believers to get them…

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Young Children Become Unknowing Pawns in Terrorism Game

Innocent children unknowingly face death to further terrorist agendas Many of the suicide bombers in Nigeria and neighboring countries are unaware that they are being sent out on suicide missions. In the past few months, the use of women and young girls as suicide bombers have increased. The children never realize death is near. Girls…

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United States Citizens Question Government Stance Regarding Terrorism

Americans feel unsafe in their own country and question the agendas of their leaders. The Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Thursday warned that the Justice Department could take aggressive action against people whose anti-Muslim rhetoric “edges towards violence” and told the Muslim community that ‘we stand with you in this.’” For the average American, the idea…

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Stark Differences Occur Between Serving Self and Serving God

Who do you serve in your heart? In your heart is part of a fundamental question that few people honestly ask themselves- especially when it comes to God.  Often we believe, or we begin to honestly do something kingdom related for God, but sometimes things internally such as selfish ambition, pride, arrogance, or various other…

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Republicans Seek Alternatives Regarding Affordable Care Act

As Republicans continue to lobby for alternatives to The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care. Would we be better off with a single-payer healthcare system? Even before Obama Care this was great debate. What is a single-payer plan? That is where the government pays for all of our health care expenses. The Physicians…

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