Soul Searching Causes Longing for the Father

It is no secret how often people wonder about, a soul. Not just a soul I suppose, but their soul. Will they go to heaven, or hell? Does their soul have a mate? Can their soul transcend time and space, and meet, talk, feel, or experience on another level? Is there such a thing as two souls being so interlaced, the very thought of being apart, is too much for them to fathom? How do you feel about your soul? Is your soul at peace within? Do you know, or do you even think about this?

Problems in Culture Today

According to the Christian Newswire, one of the most significant problems our culture faces today is the loss of transcendence and its four negative consequences, those being:

  • It causes us to underestimate and depreciate our nature, dignity, destiny and meaning in life;
  • It takes away an important source of healing and consolation for those who are suffering and sick;
  • It causes alienation from reality, others and ourselves, negatively impacting suicide rates, family relations, substance abuse and sense of fulfillment and hope; 
  • It leads to a decline in ethical motivation within individuals and ethical conduct within culture. (Wandra, 2015)

Research, Research, Research

The Pew Survey of the Landscape of Religion in America found young people are leaving the faith of their parents and declaring themselves “None’s” (unbelievers) at an alarming rate – an increase of 1% per year – from 25% to 36% in eleven years. (Dervic, 2004) Another study from the Journal of American Psychiatry reported how dangerous this mistaken abandonment of the human transcendentalist and religion truly is. What does this mean to the world of those who believe? It means there will be an increase in suicides, family violence and domestic episodes, familial tensions, drug and alcohol use. It is destructive to our culture as a whole, and it is happening at an alarming rate. (Dervic, 2004)  As a parent, I find this frightening, as I will always feel accountable for my children.

Transcendent Soul and the Existence of God

Father (Fr.)  Robert J. Spitzer Ph.D. has written a book, to help those seeking assistance from science, medicine, philosophy, and psychology to understand the strong likelihood of their transcendent soul and the existence of God. Topics included were:

  • Evidence of the presence of God in religious experience.
  • Proof of God – and God’s presence to human consciousness.
  • Our transcendental desire for perfect love, justice (goodness), and beauty – and how they indicate the presence of God to human consciousness.
  • Contemporary medical studies of near death experiences showing the abundance of veridical evidence for a trans-physical soul capable of surviving bodily death.
  • Evidence of transcendental awareness and self-consciousness. (Spitzer, 2015)



According to Spitzer, more than ever, people are looking for evidence of a divine existence, either through a life-after-death occurrence or some other intervention. He provided evidence for the presence of God in a religious experience. I personally, have not read his book, but I do plan to. Just this once fact in itself, has me concerned as to why anyone who has attended a Revival has not found this evidence.

Spitzer secondly, found evidence of Proof of God and his presence to human consciousness. Some would tell you, “I speak to God, but he does not answer.” Strange, how some people tend to do so much talking, but their listening skills? Not so good.

There is also the transcendental desire for perfect love, justice (goodness), and beauty – we want to so much be in God’s image; until this desire interferes with something we have planned. I once heard a friend say, “I would love to go to that church you go to, but they are so strictwell that religion is so strict.” “They have too many rules.” I remember thinking, how hard it must be for God to interfere with a person’s way of life they can’t go to church, and conform to HIS teachings. There was also mention of awareness and survival after bodily death. How can that be?

These are those questions that rely on faith. Spitzer gave an indignation that we may be looking for an awareness of ourselves. Something introspective, or in some sense where we seem to be striving to see ourselves as God sees us, in truth, love, beauty; in a light of perfection and truth having dignity in the image of God. Without this belief, we in some way would underestimate our very destiny. One of this times bestselling authors, Dean Koontz, wrote a No. 1 Times triumph entitled, THE SOUL’S UPWARD YEARNING. This book gave a strong sense of faith, that completely erased any argument against those who claimed emotion or delusion was the true meaning of faith.


With the varying reflective of Spitzer and Kootnz, one thing is for certain, their arguments are quite similar. Regardless of the various conceptions of what a soul is, and how it may leave the body, the fact it is real and that it can – is still, defined. For years there was a conception of the soul being some sort of force field. It would radiate around the body, varying in intensity relating to degrees of experience (vitality, emotion, mentality, and sensation) The question was if the vital energy, left the body; then wouldn’t the soul leave the body? This would be as a medium, such as one would view a clairvoyant experience or sensory experience in which the mind would leave taking all physical, creative and judgmental forms of thought. Once the soul leaves the body, then no moral or free will is left.


Whereas, others feel there may be some sort of refractory transition, where the body is a mode of transportation for the soul or the mind. When you think of refraction, think of how inside the eye is a lens. The lens is actually upside down inside of the eye. However, when light hits the lens, it is bent or refracted, and the light is seen through the eye in the correct way. The refraction also occurs when an energy wave passes through one medium and into another, or in this case, when a celestial body or the soul, has a change in its position, is released from the body, due to the bending of the light rays, emanation from it as it passes from one realm into another. In the words of those who read the book of Koontz, and realized just how faith can be understood, “Magnificent!”


Our Two Cents;

When I started writing on this topic, I. had a few different angles in mind, but as it often happens; divine intervention intercedes. I began getting settled, and I had researched the material to put in, yet I thought, “I will spend a bit of Social Media time, before I get started.” This is something that clears my thoughts rather quickly, or sends them flooding into my keyboard. Well, this was one of those nights.

You see, as I read and write about souls, it always “kicks the tires’ on your own, wouldn’t you say? You think about those close to you, and for a brief moment, you think, well, I got everything taken care of. I’m not one of those unbelievers, and my children are ……. This is where you think of all of those people you love, and you pray you will see them again. Question is, do you have a spouse? How long have the two of you been together/?

I will always remember Vera Grant’s smile. If you saw her at church, or maybe you observed her teaching students at the high school attended. Either way, her pleasant demeanor was defined by her life of service. Jimmie Grant was also active in the public school system, and had a demeanor you knew immediately, only came from someone who loved the Lord. When you look at couples, and you think of soulmates? This is one of the couples. For 51 years, the two of them were married and by each other’s side. And they had two beautiful children, whom they have watched grow themselves.

On November 3rd, Mr. Grant left this realm to travel to his new Heavenly home. Approximately two hours lately, his wife, Vera, who was under duress with so much, suffered a heart attack, and joined him on his journey to heaven. This is an example of the soul mate experience read about in books and on sites. Some even write about it, such as The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. For the family, I am quite certain this is a huge loss. Therefore, the comforting thought of the souls traveling together, is lost in grief, and rightfully so, at this time. However, later the realization of how special this is, and how unique, will be found and understood.

Consider your feelings! How do you feel about soul mates, and traveling thereof? How do you feel about the existence of God? How do you feel about life-after-death, and transcendent time of love and truth? I certainly believe in the existence of God. I believe in heaven and I believe in the transferring of souls therein. I pray you’ll join me. Let’s do that now.


Our Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

As I sit here bewildered by all I do not know, and in awe of you and all you do know,

I find myself more aware of this short time on earth I have.

I realize you watch over me, as you see everyone and everything- all knowing.

So please know, I worship only you.

As I find myself a bit vulnerable right now, I feel ashamed.

Ashamed for being so busy, I forget to keep my promises.

Ashamed for being so tired, I forget to keep my promises.

Ashamed for being so sick, I forget to keep my promises.

And I praise you Father for loving us for our faults.

And I praise you Father for forgiving us, Lord,

and through the subtle reminders of the beauty of the world,

you find our eyes, our ears, our nose, all of our senses- you reach our souls,

and it is our souls you are preparing for your home, our home, in heaven.

Lord, help us to find you in every earthly thing,

And remind us to search for You in all that we do,

Help us to overcome the negative, and the ugly of this world,

And to keep us, keep our children, keep their children,

Surrounded with all heavenly things, for all earthly things will pass away,

And all of the earthly things we dwell on, we will be judged for.

Teach us Lord, the goodness and the tender mercy, which brings us faith,

And on the holy day we meet, our souls transcend into Heaven and all will be done on this earth,

We meet with You, Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed and Holy in Name,

as Thy Kingdome will come, thy will- it will be done on earth, and Your blessed souls shall be delivered to You in Heaven.

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