‘Overflow’ with Planetshakers Band: Let the Praise Dance Party Ensue

Planet shakers Band’s new album ‘Overflow’ features fifteen original songs that were co-written by the band and produced by worship leader and producer Joth Hunt. PlanetShakers is known for their upbeat high energy worship albums. Songs like Nothing is Impossible and The Anthem are massively well known throughout the nations. Their newest album, ‘Overflow’, has the same upbeat tempos with a recurring theme of God’s faithfulness and how to praise Him no matter what.
Overflow – The Album
Come Right Now: Is a GREAT way to start an album *claps*. ‘Come Right Now’ is a cry out to Holy Spirit to come and fill the place. With its techno beat and loud “Oh’s” there is no way you won’t want to jump right along and scream “We raise our hands up” to the beat.
River: I love how this song declares God’s faithfulness, and how to trust in Him fully. River is literally a step by step in how to trust God and why we should.
Overflow: This song keeps with the praise theme of the album and has a dope beat drop dance party feel. If you used to hit the dance floor, and desire to hit the altar with your moves, this song is definitely for you. Of course with those moves you’ll shout out His praises.
I Know Who You Are: The first mid tempo song of the album. Definitely a corporate worship song to the core. I can see congregations everywhere declaring together “I know who you are Jesus.” A song that brings to life “He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you.” This song will surely remind you that through every trial He is there!
I Came For You: A bit wordy and sloooow. Maybe because the album has been extremely upbeat up until this point. Thematically the song is good. Crying out for Holy Spirit is never a bad thing. Surely telling him that you came for him is paramount, but this song is just *eh* mediocre. Several key changes later and I’m still not impressed.
 Sings My Soul: Will satisfy your longing for a hymnal. ‘Sings My Soul’ is an original hymnal with a modern twist. This will be a great choice for multi generational churches everywhere. Youth will be standing next to their mothers, who are standing next to their fathers lifting their hands in worship.
Heart Song: Sounds like a prophetic song birthed in the moment. The depth of music, and repetition of lyrics make this a progressive overflow of the prior song, ‘Sings My Soul.’
I’m Free: Back to fast tempo, high energy, and this time JOY. The beat is on two and four which creates this heart skipping rhythm. I love how the lyrics describe what freedom feels like. Scripture pours out in the lyrics, which is brilliant because the best way to get anyone freedom is to declare his word.
Give My All: Another one that I just shrugged my shoulders to. This will be a good song for your morning commute which will definitely keep you awake and impart energy to serve the Lord with gladness all day.
Precious To Me: Aaaahhh what a love song. These lyrics are sung with a sincere heart, and conviction, of how deeply we want the Holy Spirit more than success and personal desire. You will completely focus on how badly you need the Holy Spirit in your life more than anything.
Face To Face: Learn pursuit in worship with step by step instructions of how to get closer to God. ‘Face to Face’ builds a story and commands you to lay everything down to get to the savior. The bridge says “God just wraps us in his arms and he just wants us” is a beautiful illustration and moving.
Join With The Angels: Nice song, but it has more of a special presentation vibe to it. You want to sit and listen to the soloist and it isn’t until the four minute mark you want to join in and lift Him up as the song bellows.
My Fathers Child: A salvation song of redemption, and hearing the fathers cry for His child. The song vividly describes how wonderful God’s love as father is. The song reinforces the promise that even when you mess up He will keep right on loving you.
Gotta Give Him Glory: Smacked me in the face!  An old revival song, ‘Gotta Give Him Glory’ is completely far off from the PlanetShakers sound. Although a really great song it simply does not fit with the overall feel of the album. You will go from deep worship to “woah did I just get hit by a truck?”
Here Comes The Revival: Jesus style rave is how I would describe this song. Get out your glow sticks and get ready for a revival mosh pit. The melodies will have you spinning. This song brings the fun to worship! Most will probably give this song to their youth while tapping their foot, fighting the urge to get down.
Positives: If you desire to lift up the Lord to energizing beats, while declaring His word over your life with joyful power, this album is for you. ‘Overflow’ fulfills that dance party, joy living, and everyday should be a great day desire, while staying true to foundational biblical truths.
Negatives: I just don’t believe PlanetShakers does slow songs well. They are either soloist driven, or too slow and monotone. Compared with some of their previous work, the somber silent moments are not their best album moments.
In conclusions the songs I loved I really loved, and the songs I hated I really hated. So much so I had difficulty listening to the entire song play through, let alone listen again. PlanetShakers is phenomenal at incorporating the word into their lyrics and making it fun, but still needs some help on the slow tempo end. Would I buy the album YES! I will not be missing my dance party of one, with the Lord, in my living room this fall.
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