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Hospitality Taught At Home Warms Visitor’s Hearts


Good day dear friends, 
Setting the scene: This week, I had the blessing of teaching my first and second graders a lesson about Hospitality (lesson plan follows); but first, what is our own understanding of hospitality? How do we practice hospitality? Actually, what do we consider hospitality to be? Is it a 5 course meal,…

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4 Ways In Which Satan Steals Your Breakthrough


Feelings of Abandonment Are Natural When You Are Battling A Storm- But Don’t Stay There! Scripture tells us that we will face times of hills and valleys (times of prosperity and times of despair).  No where in scripture does it tell us that living a Christian life will be easy.  Scripture warns us that there…

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Michael Jr.’s More Than Funny Is A Unique Kind Of Comedy

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. Delivers Clean Family Friendly Entertainment Like No Other! Comedian, Michael Jr., just launched a new special entitled, “More Than Funny” which is set to release in movie theatres nationally on October 18.  “More Than Funny” is a one-night event featuring an exclusive introduction and post credit production with never before seen comedic segments/hilarious…

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Prayer Removed From Grads After Atheist Group Complains


A school district in Massachusetts announced that it will no longer permit public prayer at high school graduations after a large atheist organization placed pressure on them. The Freedom from Religion Foundation posted the letter from the Massachusetts school district promising that they will no longer allow public prayer at graduation and other public events.…

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Building 429 Interviewed In Our Music Spotlight Section

Building 429

On September 7, 2018, Grammy nominated Building 429 released their new album, Live the Journey.  This latest album took three years to create, involved a great deal of soul searching, and let to an intimate spiritual journey for the entire band.  The Christian Beat says, “Overall, Live the Journey speaks true to its name with each…

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Distinguishing Selfish Ambition From Hard Work In Others


Ever been accused of being overly ambitious/prideful and the person commenting made you question your motives?  Selfish ambition and pride can often be mistaken for hard work and a desire to succeed.  However, viewed by someone who may feel jealous or insecure around you, it comes across as selfish ambition. What Are Some Of The…

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