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Is Secret Sin Worth It When It Separates Us From God?

secret sin

How Can My Secret Sin Prevent Me From Feeling The Love Of God? Even though we think that it’s something that we are dealing with, fantasizing about, or indulging in, secret sin isn’t really secret. You might be able to hide it to an extent from those around you, but you can’t hide it from…

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What Do You See In Others: The Best Or Worst?


Is It Better To Protect Yourself From Others Because They Can Hurt You Or Believe The Best And Get Hurt? People truly swing on both sides of the spectrum. Both may have their benefits, and both have detriments. But which one does God want us to engage in? What is the most pleasing to Him?…

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“No”: Rejecting The Idea Or Rejecting You?


What Do You Internalize When You Hear This Word? For many of us, the word “no” is just a fact of life. Not everyone will be on board with our ideas, plans, comments, or want to do what we say. “No” is an expression of a desire, or a boundary. For most, no just means…

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