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Students Punished For Objecting To Participate In LGBT Lesson


A British teacher punished two ten-year-old students by removing them from the classroom for a total of five days after objecting to participate in an LGBT-themed lesson because it went against their religion. The LGBT-themed lessons were part of Gay Pride Month according to parents and a British Christian organization. The fifth grade teacher from…

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1 Small Change Can Generate Big Differences


You have heard us continually say that our words have power, yet many still dismiss this notion. Some justify what they say by mentioning that God knows their heart, and if they don’t really mean it, then it won’t come to pass. Interesting thought, but completely wrong, and here’s why. We have an enemy who…

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1 Thing May Be Preventing Your Success


What Could Be Preventing You From Going Higher In Christ? It’s a little thing… really, but it generates a whole lot of trouble if left unchecked. This “little thing” is your mouth, and scripture warns us about our use of it. Have you ever heard the scripture that reads, “Life and death is in the…

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Between Us Guys Shows Importance Of Father/Son Dynamic


Studies indicate boys are increasingly apt to display acts of aggression and the inability to express emotions over girls. There is an ongoing discussion regarding the effects of toxic masculinity leading to pent-up aggressions, frustration, isolation, problematic relationships, violence, anger, and other harsh realities. What is made clear, in all of this, is the importance…

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Love Sinner But Hate Sin- Is It Christian Hypocrisy?


To a non-believer, it seems like a contradiction. How can you love someone- truly love someone- but not be accepting of a sinful lifestyle? We live in a world that can be summed up in one phrase, “I’ll do my thing, and you can do your thing. Don’t judge.” Yet, there is a one who…

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God’s Calling…What’s Preventing You From Salvation?

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Can you answer them? Are you prepared to answer them? As Christians, sharing the gospel is not compulsory (if you feel like it), it’s mandatory. It is ultimately selfish of us to keep Christ to ourselves when there are millions of hurting people out there that need hope and don’t know where to find it.…

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What Happened? How Does A Hardened Heart Heal?


How Does It Get That Way In The First Place? What would cause someone to turn from God? What causes a heart to harden? Why do some people just stop feeling? After you’ve tasted His goodness, experienced His miracles, and felt His presence, why on earth would you want to push God out of your…

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Baptism Is Important… But Are We Doing It Right?


We are all familiar with the importance of baptism, but many faiths have different beliefs on this event. In the more traditional faiths, baptism is done as a baby shortly after they are born. In other faiths, more emphasis is placed on salvation (declaring Jesus as our Lord and Savior according to the Book of…

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