Quimby earns chuckles, and newscast goes viral with blooper reel.

News anchor, Chris Quimby inadvertently injected humor into his broadcast when he closed his news segment with the words, “In Jesus name”.
Charisma news reports that Quimby, who in addition to being a news anchor, is also a Christian comedian, speaker and writer.  Chris was wrapping up the news segment, when he began to say, “In Jesus na…”, and quickly attempted to correct the error by adding “Amen”.  This “slip up” resulted in both Quimby and his co-host erupting into laughter.
It also ended up being featured on a blooper reel which subsequently went viral.
To watch the news clip, click below:
The VStv website lists Chris as the anchor of the VStv Morning Report, and the co-host of Soup Du Jour.  He’s a Christian comedian, speaker and writer.  He is also a regular monthly humor columnist for Bangor Metro Magazine, and a staff blogger on CelticsLife.com.


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