The secular world can’t stop talking about it, the church often avoids talking about it, and bible references are beautifully romantic, yet somewhat steamy… (ever read Song of Solomon?)

What should sex be, according to the Bible?  What is it’s design?  How can we please our spouse?  Many people claim solely for the purposes of procreation, “be fruitful and multiply” according to Genesis.  There are those that say that godly intimacy shouldn’t be enjoyable- that it is the “duty” of the spouse.  Yet, God created sex, and He did create it to be enjoyable.  Furthermore, He encouraged married couples to engage in sex (again, be fruitful and multiply).  Sex was God’s design, and it was to be enjoyable between married couples.  It was also to be enjoyed by both married couples, and to be a time of great intimacy.

Intimacy is essential in marriages, as it enables us to be vulnerable to our spouses, and give ourselves over fully to them.  When we do this, we experience a closeness like never before.  However, men and women do this very differently, yet they are interconnected.  Many confuse intimacy with the pleasures of lust, and while having your sexual needs met is important, true intimacy takes it to a whole new level!

Men, in this issue, learn what your wife wants and expects in the bedroom.  Women, learn how to satisfy your man without it feeling like you are an object.

In our March issue, learn how to deepen intimacy in your relationship between both husbands and wives and take your marriage to a whole new level!  Learn what is important to your spouse, tips on how to increase sex in your marriage, and why your spouse may be behaving the way they do.

Nothing strange, weird, or perverted… just pure talk straight from the Bible.

The countdown to our next issue begins…..  March issue to be released February 26th.


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