Should the media have reacted to Lucifer, or would this show have gone away on its own?

While most Christians wouldn’t give a second thought to a show called, “Lucifer”, it’s portrayal of Satan to the general and impressionable population leaves many disturbed.

Fox Broadcasting has come under criticism for their latest television drama which premiered on January 25th for portraying Satan as an lovable, caring person.

The programs website touts the new series as, “It’s only a matter of time until being bad looks so good.”

In an interview with OneNewsNow, Melissa Henson, who is the program director for the Parents Television Council, reported that she was concerned by what she just saw.

Henson said that she found that it wasn’t disturbing enough that the premise of the show casts Satan as a sympathetic character, or a good guy, and is the protagonist of the story line, but the contents were highly inappropriate.  She commented that there is a large volume of profanity and inappropriate language, violent content, and sexual innuendos.  She refers to the content as “problematic”.

Henson told OneNewsNow in the interview that, “I can’t imagine what FOX was thinking when they green lit that show,” she says. “It’s got an offensive premise. It’s not something that the critics are even willing to champion, so I wouldn’t expect it to stick around for very long.” is also taking action by requesting Olive Garden to remove their sponsorship of the show.  They describe Lucifer as “spiritually dangerous”.  They report that the show is downplaying who Satan really is by portraying him as misunderstood- that he’s not the bad guy, but God is forcing him to play the role.

Our Two Cents:

I understand the outrage, and yes, it is warranted.  However, the main question becomes: Why are you watching it and why are you drawing attention to it?

There is an old adage that says any publicity is good publicity, and we’ve seen this demonstrated over and over again with vilified people gaining notoriety.  The premise is shocking, yet stupid.  How can you honestly sell Satan as misunderstood… other than negative publicity which causes more people to watch.  The more people watch out of curiosity, the more they will get drawn into the plot.  Then the real danger occurs.

My initial reaction was, “What a stupid plot.  It will never make it.”  Well, not on its own, anyway.

Now that attention has been brought to it, how many are going to have the same reaction?  Wasn’t that the ploy initially?  Put the Christian community in an uproar about a show glorifying Satan, get negative publicity, and become popular?  I think that we just fell into their hands and inadvertently make a show that probably would have gone away on its own, to highest rated.

The better solution would have been to attack sponsorship.  No money, no show.  The ratings had we left it alone would have probably seen the show terminated faster than what has happened now.  It only received sponsors probably because of marketing plans, and controversy making ideal to invest in.

For the rest of us, continue on NOT watching it.  After all, Satan has been defeated, we know the history, so why WOULD you watch it?  We know a lie when we see it.

I think we’ve been played.  Now, what are we going to do about it?

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