Grand Jury Seeks to Indict Daleiden and Merritt for Fake ID’s and Buying Fetal Tissue

President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, wrote in Christianity Today that the grand jury indictment of the undercover activists who exposed Planned Parenthood practices was “government hypocrisy”.

Daly said that the indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt form the Center for Medical Progress is upside-down.  Daly further writes, “Why aren’t the alleged sellers being held to account?”
Both Daleiden and Merrit went undercover to discover if Planned Parenthood was selling fetal tissue.  Their videos were released last summer, and they were instrumental in bringing charges against the organization.
A Texas grand jury has indicted them with allegedly using fake I.D.’s and buying fetal tissue.  The pair had attempted to conceal their identity in an effort to highlight Planned Parenthood’s employees willingness to sell fetal tissue for a profit.
Traditionally, using fake I.D.’s usually gets minor’s a hand-slap, not an indictment, and it leaves many to question why they aren’t really going after the sellers.
“We also must ask why, as citizen journalists, Daleiden and Merritt are not protected by the same laws that have shielded countless of their fellow reporters down through the years,” Daly poignantly writes. “Undercover journalism is nothing new. To the contrary, it has been used time and time again to expose criminal activity, and it is widely accepted as a journalistic practice.”
Furthermore, Daly also notes that there is no difference between investigative (undercover/expose) journalism, and the work and Merritt and Daleiden accomplished.
“Still, we must not back down from striving to bring criminal and inhumane activity into the light—particularly as it relates to those who have no voice,” he said. “And we must offer our support and prayers to Daleiden and his colleague, who are being penalized after they had the courage to take a stand for the tiniest and most defenseless in our midst.”
Our Two Cents:
It is sad to see the two people who were instrumental in seeing that justice be sought against Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities receive punishment themselves.  In retrospect, it may have been the only way to bring the organization to justice.
Even sadder is that is seems as if the culprit is getting off easy, and yet those that sought to bring them to justice are getting penalized.  The question is, why?  Undercover investigations are nothing new, and are done all the time whether by private investigators, or journalists, and their findings are usually admissible in court.  The question remains: Why does Planned Parenthood appear to be exempt?
Video evidence was conclusive beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were selling fetal tissue, and even showed conversations on how to harvest parts properly to garner the most money.  The actions of the employees involved in heinous, yet Planned Parenthood is the one getting the slap on the wrist.  Yet they have lost credibility as an organization in the public’s eyes, and most people are disgusted by the findings.
Planned Parenthood still maintains that they did nothing wrong, and are permitted to store, get, and process fetal tissue for research purposes.  They are permitted, by law, to be reimbursed for the costs associated with it, but according to a law passed in 1993, they are not permitted to profit from the sale.  They are also calling the videos, “heavily edited”.
For further insight into the scandal can be read on New York Times.
Christians are being asked to keep Daleiden and Merritt in their prayers, and to pray that those who are guilty are brought to justice.

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