As parents, we always want to ensure that our kids are healthy: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We implement safeguards wherever we can, and pray protection over them when we are absent.  However, what would you do if you thought that your safeguards were protecting your children- only to discover there may be a “loophole” (an area that leaves them vulnerable)?

kidsThis area, as we (Faith Filled Family Magazine) have discovered, is in the area of spiritual well-being, and has to do with the internet.  Despite having parental controls placed on each device to protect your kids from things that effect them spiritually, there is a loophole- and it can be more dangerous than you can imagine!  The types of things that your children could be exposed to will shock you, and it can happen as innocently as a hijacked site, or through such innocent things as some Bible apps (as some use adsense).

As our tagline indicates, FFFM “helps families to live victoriously in Christ”, and we still believe firmly in keeping the family unit strong.  Upon being presented with this information, we not only became concerned for our kids, but for the children of our readership.  Therefore, we took measures to find a partnership, and someone that our audience could trust in to bring you reliable information.  We found a way that you can protect your children that works.

Faith Filled Family chose to partner with Covenant Eyes, and each month will bring you content in our magazine that will help you to protect your kids from internet “impostors”.  These impostors include predators who lure your children (after all, anonymity in the internet is very easy!), preventing pornography use, and tips to help keep their minds focused on God.  However, not only were we interested in protecting your kids, we also wanted to protect your marriage.

In a time where you hear about scandal after scandal, people going to Ashley Madisson (or other similar sites), secret chat rooms, pornography use, etc, we wanted to ensure that not only each kid was protected, but each family as well. We want to see strong marriages, and a generation that never has to face the challenges that the previous one faced.  That is why we sought out a partnership with these values in mind.

In our upcoming issue, Dan Armstrong discusses the “loophole” that I had mentioned earlier, and notes that 71% of all kids admit to hiding their internet activity.  He also discusses what parents can do to protect their children, and how to have open discussions in case they may have seen something that they shouldn’t have.  Learn in this issue whether, “Your Kids Could Be Going Incognito And You Don’t Know It”.  It’s a powerful read!

Our next issue is released on May 28, 2018.

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