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Initial Release: April 16, 2010

Director: William Dear

Running Time: 118 minutes

Screenplay: W. William Winokur

Starring:   Clifton Collins Jr., Cheech Marin, Moises Arias, Jake T. Austin, Ryan Ochoa, Carlos Padilla, Jansen Panettiere, Carlos Gomez, Emilie de Ravin, Patricia Manterola, and Louis Gossett Jr.

Movie can be purchased online at www.familytv.com for $19.95


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The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game is based on a true story that happened in 1957. It is the perfect testimony of what hard work, dedication, and an unwavering faith can accomplish in your life.
The story is set in a poverty-stricken area in Monterrey, Mexico. A group of boys with a love of baseball desire to play in the Little Leagues, but unfortunately do not have a coach, nor the funding to enter into the competition… until they meet Cesar Faz, an ex-major leaguer. Cesar is a reluctant, at first, to coach the team with only four weeks of training left before the season begins. However, through the “pulling of strings”, and the faith of the local priest, they manage to produce an excellent team to represent Monterrey.
The team’s largest hurdle, however, wasn’t just in getting the team ready for the games. Initially, they were seen as the underdogs- a team incapable of winning due to the size of the children who were significantly smaller than their competitors. At a glace, they appear to not be any type of a threat to the home team. Sizes are proven to be deceiving as the team received win after win.
With repeated winnings came some unwelcome hardships in some places. Many places did not welcome any “minorities” into their areas, and the team was subject to many areas of racism. With a little help from others, they overcame all obstacles, and continued on their winning streak with their pastor loyally by their side.
God continued to give the boys favor everywhere they went from money being sent to them through their church, local collections being taken up, and meals paid for. God brought people in their path when the priest was forced to return home, and the boys refused to play without a blessing. The blessings continued to come despite all adversity… even when their visa’s expired.
Heading valiantly to the playoffs, the team encounters another challenge, but it is unlike any that they have faced before. This challenge is examining who they are, and this hits Cesar the most as he is forced to confront his own past, and why he left the major leagues. Can he overcome his biggest hurdle and his own bitterness in time to lead the team into victory? Or will the team be laughed out of their dream?
I loved this movie, as it is the perfect example of faith in action. What makes it even better is that it teaches how to overcome adversity, and shows an unwavering faith that can move mountains. It is truly inspirational to watch, and what makes it even better is that it is not a Hollywood fabrication- it is a true story inspired by actual events.
So if God can do it for them, surely He can do it for you! For these reasons, I would rate the movie a 9.5 out of 10.

Parents should be cautioned of:

Drinking: Angel’s father drinks in several scenes. One scene of Cesar being drunk and getting arrested.
Mature themes: Racism is a strong topic in the middle of the movie toward several minority groups. Some racial stereotypes are hinted at, but never spoken in terms of racial slurs. Everything is really centered around that time period in American history, but really only enhances the plot.

Many thanks to Debi Nelson at Familytv.com for providing this movie for review.