Heartbeat International is encouraging individuals to sign a petition to ensure that medical professionals are educated about the abortion pill reversal process.  So far, the government has suppressed this type of training to professionals that can save the lives of unborn children.

Why Is Training On Abortion Pill Reversal So Important?

So many women when they discover they are pregnant panic- either out of fear, uncertainty, or coercion- and get an abortion without fully thinking things through.  For some, it seems like a quick solution to an unplanned pregnancy.  Many report they immediately regret their decision, and desire a way to reverse it.

abortion Pill reversalFor this reason (and many more), medical professionals need to be trained on this procedure- for those that honestly wish to give birth, and regret their decision to abort.  Just as many women feel that they should have the right to choose abortion, so too should women have the right to chose to undo an abortion procedure if they so choose, and carry a baby to term.

Heartbeat International has been actively promoting and training medical personnel on the reversal process.

“It’s a decades-old technology and medical intervention that really is an injection of progesterone, as it has been used for decades to prevent miscarriages,” explains Heartbeat International’s Jay Hobbs to OneNewsNow.com. “So doctors have discovered that that can also stop an abortion, if it’s a chemical abortion pill, within the first few hours and day of when the abortion starts.”

It has been reported that thus far, 400 babies have been saved from chemical abortions.  The challenge is the California Board of Registered Nursing- which is a training program accredited in 50 states- is experiencing pressure by abortion activists to stop the training.

“They’re trying to change the rules internally with the California Board of Nursing, which is our overseeing body of accredited providing,” says Hobbs. “And they’re trying to change the regulations within that body to try and keep us from telling nurses how to save a baby from abortion.”

Jay Hobbs feels it’s more a matter of political correctness depriving a mother of another chance to save her baby from chemical abortion.

Heartbeat International has launched a petition drive for professionals and citizens in hopes of convincing California not to prevent nurses from being educated on the abortion pill reversal process.

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