Those who support abortion cite that it is their choice. It is their choice as to what they do with their body. They can chose to bring a baby to term, or abort. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, believe a baby is alive at conception. So, at what point does a baby become a living being?

Roe vs Wade is continually being repealed in the justice system. Abortion is the subject of great debate. In deciding “who is right”, all sides must be examined.

People who are pro-choice believe they should be able to decide. Should they abort or carry the baby to term? They believe that no one can make this decision for them. Only they can decide what is best. To a pro-lifer, abortion equates murder.

To them, it is a baby at conception. It has life, it has a heartbeat. Essentially, it is alive. So, to abort something that is alive is indeed murder.

The whole controversy historically boils down to two things:

  1. Should a woman have the right to choose what she does with her body?
  2. When does a baby become a living being?

Living or NOt living?


In determining if a woman has a right to chose what she does with her body, we need to look at all the factors. Yes, she should have a choice as to what she does. No one should be able to dictate to her what to decide. She should have the freedom to choose. However, what if that “mass of cells” is truly alive? How do we determine that?

We all know that it is unlawful to murder someone. It is unlawful in the natural and scripturally. The key is when is a baby a living being? Some say conception. Others claim when a heartbeat is found. Another train of thought is either when the baby can sustain itself outside of the womb, or at birth.

So, the definition of “living” comes into question. When is a baby classified as living?

Most Christians would say conception. This is when God forms our “inward parts”. It is where God molds us into being. Scripture says that we are not an accident or mistake. That He has a plan for each of us, and that He knew us before we were born.

So, when is that moment? Because it is that exact moment that it becomes murder.

Graham Hevey attacks this very controversial subject with tact and grace. He discusses when life takes place. He also talks about what the Bible says on the subject of abortion. Should Christians abort an unwanted baby? What should you do?

Furthermore, he explores what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. What is God’s design for this child? Also, he discusses whose body it truly belongs to. Is it ours, like we think? Or maybe… just maybe… our temples belong to Him.

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