About Us

Faith Filled Family Magazine is a Christian monthly, digital, interactive publication aimed at helping families live victoriously in Christ.

Since launching on October 26, 2010, Faith Filled Family has seen exponential growth with our readership consistently doubling every year.

What We Stand For

Our features deal with the heart of any issue and provide scriptural guidance on how to walk out any situation in victory.  We point our readers back to the Bible and God… always, and we often tackle issues that are on everyone’s mind, but no one wants to discuss.

Our interviews and reviews are with the some of the top Christian artists, producers, and authors.  We also strive to provide a diversified selection to our readers in terms of genre, and whose message is based strongly in scripture.

In between issues, we have incorporated a Current Events section which reports news from all over the globe and how it effects families biblically.  It is news with a Christian slant.

Why faith filled family is Unique

What makes Faith Filled Family unique, is that we continue to implement the latest digital elements into our magazine thereby creating a more engaging, interactive experience for our readers.  By embedding audio and video, we both engage readers visually, and also promote Christian entertainment.

We also incorporate hot linking to external websites.  We recognize that there is a gap between retention of a company name and/or website.  Readers are able to directly click on a link and it will instantly take them to the website.  There is no delay, and no chance to forget the name of business, artist, or movie.

In addition, readers are also able to access sites directly linked in the magazine so that they can make a purchase, or watch one of our reviewed movies, books, or music.

Faith Filled Family made it that seemless and engaging!


  1. Pastor Richard Collins on May 10, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    Hello I’d like to subscribe to your magazine plus I would like a copy of your September 26, 2015 issue. Is this possible.

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