It’s more than Just avoiding pregnancy, stI’s, and Because your parents would be really furious…

Sex education in school can be a myriad of contrasting thoughts. The goal is to teach our children what options are available to them when they encounter temptation. However, no one really discusses the true, biblical why as to why waiting until marriage is best… And why it is the most amazing thing that you will ever experience.

School, as a whole, teaches us that abstinence is the only way to completely remove the fear of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection), and to avoid getting pregnant. It is presented in a very logical format. However, this talk is somewhat flawed because unless teenagers have somehow dramatically changed biologically since I was a kid, you are still dealing with raging hormones, and a thought process of “it won’t happen to me.”

And yet it does happen to them! You can only beat the odds so many times before you are given over to your sin. Then, we must deal with the consequences because no one really has the talk about why it is so important to wait… from a scriptural point.


Why Should I Wait Until Marriage To have sex? Everyone’s doing it.

Odds are, not everyone is doing it. Many say they are just to combat peer-pressure. Furthermore, if they are, then they will, at some point, be dealing with the consequences of that decision, and the baggage that ensues.

Here is what no one tells you:

  • Sex outside of marriage is lust based, not love based. Love based sex is only born out of a deep, intimate emotional connection that takes a lifetime to develop.
  • Lust based sex never is never satisfying. We, as humans, are built to crave a deeper connection. Lust is based on physical wants, and arises from the flesh. There is no spiritual connection associated with it because the flesh opposes the spirit.
  • At some point, reflecting back, you will know that the relationships were superficial, and you gave a part of your soul to someone else (soul ties) who in the end wasn’t the one.
  • You will learn that you deserve better than a sexual relationship. Everyone does. You deserve to be loved wholly, completely, and unconditionally. Lust can’t do that.

Beth Steury discusses what sex outside of marriage does to you both emotionally and spiritually- something that is hardly ever discussed. She will delve into all of the reasons that sex inside of marriage is way better than casually. She will also talk about how to avoid temptations, and how to preserve yourself for your honeymoon.

This feature and many more in our October issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on September 26, 2019.

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