The toughest challenge for any believer is witnessing to someone who expresses a disbelief about God.

One doesn’t believe that God exists or doesn’t exist.  They’re mindset is on the phrase “Prove it.”  They are looking for natural data to something that is supernatural.

The other doesn’t believe that God exists.  They’re mindset is do whatever makes you happy during your lifetime because at death, that’s it.

How can a believer provide answers to someone who says, “Prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then I’ll believe”?  They are looking for physical evidence to back up something that is supernatural… And maybe then they will change their mind.  Maybe.

The good news is that we serve a God of miracles who can display signs and wonders to those in disbelief.

In the article, “Prove It!”, find out what the difference is between an agnostic and an atheist, and how to effectively witness to both.

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