A conservative watchdog organization says that not only is it concerning that the U.S. Air Force Academy is attacking Christian cadets who hold traditional beliefs, but now evidence is coming forward that the Academy is paying for cadets to attend pagan festivals.

Judicial Watch has obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act that reveal the Air Force Academy has used chapel tithes and offerings to pay for cadets to participate in worship services that celebrate such things as witchcraft and voodoo.

Judicial Watch claims the documents reveal a group entitled, “Spiritual Programs in Religious Education” hosted events at the Cadet Chapel Falcon Circle on the Academy’s campus, and the Academy had paid to send cadets to a Wiccan festival in Denver held in May 2014 and to attend the “Denver Witches Ball” in October of that year.

The president of the Judicial Watch, Ton Fitton, in an interview with OneNewsNow says the tithes and offering fund, although funded by free-will donations, is apparently also considered “instrumentality of the United States Government.” These are his group’s findings.

“Even worse, though, it’s happening in the context that the Air Force Academy leadership is attacking traditional Christian beliefs at the same time [it is] funding witchcraft and voodoo – and I don’t understand why this is happening.” Fitton says.

He also comments that the records reveal misplaced priorities of the Air Force and explains why traditional Christians feel unwelcome at the Academy.  Over the past several years, the Academy has chosen to make the phrase, “so help me God” optional in oaths said by cadets.

Our Two Cents:

In a sense, I believe the Academy has justified the situation in their minds.  They believe that they are accepting of all religions, and yes, witchcraft and voodoo are considered a religion by some.  Therefore it could be said that they were merely supporting cadets of all religions thereby being inclusive.  However, to take it from holy money is SO wrong, but in their defense, they probably so not know how spiritually wrong it is.  Maybe on the bright side, God will use this incredible blunder to somehow bring people to Him thereby turning evil into good.

Our Prayer:

Heavenly Father, we pray that the eyes of those in charge be open to the evil they are doing by taken money given as an offering to you to fund things of Satan.  May they not be able to give one cent to the enemy.  May the evil that is done in these surroundings turn into glory for You and your Kingdom.  May each one in attendance experience an encounter with You and turn from the evil that they are practicing.  Let them hear your voice and know that you are God.  Let their souls suddenly yearn and thirst for you, Lord.  Also, put people across their path that will share the gospel with them.  I pray that they give their lives to you.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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