Alabama Police Chief Jason Hepler shot a video of himself lip-syncing MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine“.  The video has subsequently gone viral, drawing 50 million views on Facebook.

This video was part of the K94Cops’ Lip Sync Battle initiative, according to WHNT-TV

An Alabama police chief’s video of him lip-syncing the Christian song I Can Only Imagine has gone viral, drawing more than 50 million views on Facebook.  It was part of the k94Cops’ Lip Sync Battle initiative, according to WHNT-TV.

The video itself rendered 39 million views on the U.S. Police Officer’s Facebook page, and an additional 13 million on the K9s4Cops website.

In a news release, Hepler said, “I Can Only Imagine is a song that has been there for me in some of my darkest hours, when I was at the lowest points whether caused by bad decisions or because of things I was dealing with seeing from work, this song would be my go to when I needed some uplifting.”

Hepler’s K9 is also part of the video.

“K9 Fox is an amazing partner, pretty much his entire life has been of service.,” he said to WHNT-TV. “He has been an instrumental part of our organization, [and] hundreds of pounds of drugs are off the streets along with thousands of dollars in drug money.”

So far, the reaction to the I Can Only Imagine video has been both positive, and encouraging.

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