How many of us have wondered the same thing?  We hear a voice, and we become excited!  We so desperately want to hear God’s voice… but yet we want to be sure that it’s God’s voice that we are hearing, and not just our own thoughts.  So how can you tell the difference?

God's VoiceScripture tells us that God speaks to us in a still, soft voice.  However, sometimes our own voices can appear to be similar.  The difference?  One will resonate in your spirit, and, if you want to test the voice, only one will usually stand up to scripture.  If it cannot be supported either by scripture, or by two or three witnesses, it may be your own thoughts or Satan.  Satan’s thoughts are usually a “give-away” though, as they generally do not line up with scripture.  After all, why would he want to bless us?  Satan’s goal is to take us down the wrong path.

God speaks to us in three distinct ways:

  • Through scripture readings (can be during devotionals, or specific scriptures that pop into your spirit).
  • Directly to us (we hear that voice that tells us to do something and it resonates).
  • Through others (out of the mouth of two or three witnesses God’s Word can be confirmed).

Kristi Bridges describes how God talks to us (through the Word, directly to us, and through others).  She will guide you on how to discern (when someone is speaking) whether God is speaking through them, or it is their own good intentions.

It has been said that there are good ideas, and then there are God ideas.  Learn how to distinguish between the two, and walk in the path that God has ordained for  you!

This article and more on prayer and hearing from God in our July 2018 issue coming out on June 26, 2018.  This issue will help you hear God’s voice, and learn how to effectively pray over every situation.

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