Scripture says if you hold hate in your heart, you are a murderer.

Wait a minute… How does not liking someone equate to being a murderer? I’ve never killed someone, and I don’t want to. So how does that make me a murderer?

But it does? How?


Could it be a heart issue? God knows our heart, and when we “hate” someone, does that intense dislike for them mean that I have killed them spiritually?

But I’m confused because they still exist, and if they are a believer, they still go to Heaven. So how am I a murderer?

Is it because God commands us to love one another, and hatred is the opposite of love? Therefore, if we have hatred/offense against someone else, we are not operating in the love that God has commanded us to?

Is it because walking in love is walking in the light, but walking in hatred is walking in darkness? So, if I hold offense, the person is dead to me, and my prayers are rendered ineffective because I hold offense. Therefore, this makes me a murderer.

Maybe it’s because hatred hardens our hearts. We often meditate on the wrongs that others have done to us, thereby creating a root of bitterness within ourselves. That hardness of heart and growing offense in the right atmosphere could spawn a desire to murder. But what Christian would really act on it?

Or maybe the truth is a little bit of each scenario…. Could also be none at all!

So could I really be a murderer? How is that possible?

Have I made you wonder? Good, because all of these points are plausible reasons as to why God sees us as a murderer when we hold on to offense and hatred.

Alexis Wohler discusses how God sees these things as murder in His eyes, and clarifies the scripture in 1 John 3:15. She will go through whether it is a heart issue that germinates, being spiritually dead, hardened hearts, or something completely different.

It’s an interesting topic for thought, and will be out in our March 2020 issue coming out on February 26, 2020!

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