Amendments made to H.R. 3762 were defeated thereby defunding Planned Parenthood by 80%

WASHINGTON/Christian Newswire:
Family Research Council congratulated the U.S. Senate for defeating the amendments made by Senators Patty Murray (D- Washington) and Susan Collins (R- Maine) to H.R. 3762.  If passed, the bill would have removed a significant pro-life provision effectively defunding 80% of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding for one year.

The Restoring American’s Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, or H.R. 3762, restricts funding for one year under several mandatory programs like Medicaid to places which receive more than $350 million and perform abortions other than situations involving rape or incest, or wherein the mother’s health is at risk.  The Reconciliation Bill also repeals provisions for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which provide subsidies for abortion coverage and threaten conscience.

David Christiensen, VP for Government Affairs, made the following statement:

“The defeat of the Murray and Collins amendments is a victory for the American people.  Across the country, people are tired of being forced by the federal government to partner with the abortion industry, including those engaged in the selling of baby body parts.  This legislation protects women’s health by reallocating funds to community health centers that provide a broader array of health services.” Christiensen continued by saying,  “The pro-life community stood together to advocate removing the flow of most tax dollars to Planned Parenthood through the budget reconciliation process, and the Senate rightly rejected efforts to force federal complicity in funding abortion groups. We look forward to final passage of the bill later this evening,”

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