Renowned Christian artists are gathering together in Nashville for a “Better Together” concert. The purpose is to unite voices and hearts across genres, races, and political divisions. Hosted by the national organization, “American Awakening“, the concert is live-streamed for free on July 28.

American Awakening is a movement fighting cultural division and despair. They originally planned this even 18 months ago as a live show. However, COVID-19 delayed the event. American Awakening changed the medium of a live concert to a live-streamed event so that everyone could have access to their message.

American Awakening

“The delay actually created a unique opportunity. We were able to use our artist selection to address the racial reckoning at this moment by manifesting ‘radical togetherness’ through musical diversity,” commented American Awakening Founder, John Kingston. “We invited bands that represented the best of Rock, Hip Hop, and Gospel, and it was gratifying how onboard everyone was for coming together in this polarized time.”

Artists participating

Artists Lecrae, Crowder, For King & Country, Jonathan McReynolds, and The New Respects recorded a rooftop concern in Nashville on June 23. The production lasts 90 minutes, and live-streamed globally for one night on July 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.

Registration for the link is available at

Premier Productions- the largest producer of live faith and family events- partnered with American Awakening for the concert.

Participating musicians expressed their appreciation for Kingston and the American Awakening movement. “What people will see is people together in the same space who maybe you wouldn’t think would do something together at the same time,” Crowder said. “That’s what I love about what American Awakening is putting together here with this ‘Better Together’ concert.”

“We’re excited to join hands with American Awakening to be a part of the ‘Better Together’ event. With live music being limited, ‘Better Together’ is an amazing way for us to join together and celebrate our faith,” said Michael Pugh, CEO of Premier Productions.

“At a time when 80 percent of Americans believe our country is spiraling out of control, ‘Better Together’ is designed to unite and inspire, and to share God’s love and vision for His children, encouraging us all on the way forward – together,” Kingston commented.

The event ties to the July 28 book release of “American Awakening” (Zondervan). The book draws on wisdom from science, history, culture and faith with Kingston’s personal experiences. It offers eight principles for discovering purpose, meaning and community for restoring the soul of America.

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