American Ninja Warrior’s Emily Durham Joins CIY’s SuperStart Program

Emily Durham was a contestant from the NBC show, “American Ninja Warrior”, and will be joining Christ In Youth’s (CIY) fall/spring SuperStart program.

American Ninja Warrior
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Durham will be joining this tour to demonstrate her skills, and to help preteens learn how to overcome challenges with sharing their testimony.

SuperStart is a weekend conference designed for children in the fourth to sixth grades. The weekend is filled with interactive theatrics, live music, games, and community-building experiences.

This year’s theme will be “Conquering Gargantor: Overcoming the Obstacles of Sharing Your Story”. Students will have the chance to do the Gargantor obstacle course under the supervision on Durham and her team.

CIY’s Senior Director, Patrick Snow, states that incorporating Emily Durham into the program was easy. “American Ninja Warrior” is popular with multiple age groups, and youth enjoy hearing from people such as Durham who have an amazing story.

“We are so excited to have Emily as a voice of reason on how we overcome obstacles in our lives,” Snow commented. “When we say ‘conquering Gargantor,’ we’re talking about conquering the difficult things that keep us from sharing the stories of how God has impacted our lives. We’ve talked to preteen pastors around the country about what keeps preteens from sharing their stories, and they don’t feel like they have one, or there’s fear, or it’s not something they’re motivated to do because they don’t see the purpose behind it. Understanding that we all have a story because Jesus died for us is the big picture.”

SuperStart will begin at Community Christian Church- Yellowbox Campus, 1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville, Illinois. It will begin on April 12-13.

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