Andrae Crouch’s Legacy Told in Celebration of Life Ceremony

Andrae Crouch’s Celebration of Life opened with praise and worship. Prayer shortly followed giving both thanks to God, and strength for the family. Readings shortly followed from Psalms and John. Many people honored his twin sister, Sandra Crouch.
People came from all over the world to attend Andrae’s celebration of life service. Bishop Kenneth Ulmer officiated the service.
Many well known Christians ranging from pastors to musicians came forth honoring this great man of God. All of their stories testified about the anointing on this man’s life and the impact that he made. Bishop Kenneth Ulmer spoke of Andrae and Sandra’s heart for families and honoring families. He referred to Andrae as a “musical prophet”.
Kenneth commented that Andrae never compromised the gospel and was never ashamed.
Bishop Rodderick Caesar described Andrae as anointed. He said that people were healed and lives were transformed simply by listening to Andrae’s music. His music ministered to others because it was founded on God’s word which he claims “breaks yokes every time it is sung”.
He also commented on Andrae’s work ethic. Andrae worked with excellence and he made no excuses when things fell short.
Pastor Joe Sellidon came from South Africa and described Andrae as nothing short but a gift from God. He recollected a time when he had returned with a “doggie bag”. He commented at how Andrae would sing about how there being food in the fridge and would soon be eaten. By morning, the food was gone!
In times of political unrest, Andrae encouraged him to stand strong and stand for what is right.
Pastor Clyde Ramalaine, who pastors a church is South Africa, commented that “music has become the gospel”. In the 80’s, he was lead to pray over Andrae’s life. When he asked Andrae what inspired him to write such impactful songs, Andrae replied, “Angels minister to me.”
Andrae had no issues or “ego”. He was always easily accessible. Ramailaine claims that Andrae “wasn’t a star, as stars fade”, but was an evangelist who always wanted to help the next person.
Reverend Jesse Jackson commented that he was the father of modern gospel. He recollected that Andrae was always in the midst of making things better.
Many pastors and bishops (Bill Gaither, Bishop Charles Blake, Michael W. Smith, and Bishop T.D. Jakes) were unable to attend due to prior commitments. However, each sent words of encouragement and prayers via video to Sandra. Michael W. Smith noted that Andrae’s music changed his life and attributes his success to him. Bishop T.D. Jakes said that “his voice will linger on”.

The service paused while the many thanks were given from Sandra Crouch for the love, support and acknowledgment she received. Her first thank you was to God.

Kirk Franklin spoke next. At seven he was taken to a church, and someone prophesied that he would be the next Andrae Crouch. At the time, he didn’t know who Andrae was, or the impact that he had on the world. He was in awe, though, that someone thought that he could be that good.
He also recounted a story of teaching his son how to play basketball. His son remarked at his skill, and Kirk mentioned that his “skill” was due to lowering the goal. He noted that no one buys CD’s anymore, and questions as to whether we have lowered the goal.
The next speaker commented that God places a word seed in us and sends someone along to speak just the right words. What words are we speaking? Are we speaking to a person’s potential. He ministered to the crowd to never speak words that can damage another, but rather our words should inspire others. “The greatest leader is the greatest server”.

Pastor Laverne Moore says that he depended on God and his word. He believed on the prayer of his father that he would be ordained in the gift of music. He was also gifted with the gift of evangelism. He travelled all over the world to spread the gospel. No matter who he encountered, he asked them if they knew the Lord. He always told people that Jesus was the way. He was a great psalmist. Andrae touched and sowed into people’s life. She attributes him to the “greatest psalmist this side of glory”.
He believed that nothing was impossible with God.
Tata Vega called him “salt” and “bold”. He spoke to those who didn’t even want to know the word and had an impact. She recollects that he made you feel like you were his best friend.
Bishop Barbara Amos said that she enjoyed her friendship with Andrae because it was not one of celebrity status, but he was a friend that stood by you. She loved Andrae as the person. She commented that if your friends have to watch what they say or behave, then your relationship will be superficial.
Andrae was committed to winning souls and always asked someone if they knew Jesus. She said that Andrae, despite some unkind words being said about him, should be glorified. She recollects with fondness that he was comical, loved to tell stories, and loved to cook.

Services ended with love and gratitude expressed by his sister, Sandra.

Musical tributes were given by Tata Vega, Marvin Winans, CeCe Winans, and BeBe Winans. Yolanda Adams performed with legendary Stevie Wonder. Other performances included Richard Smallwood, Tommy Sims, and many more.