Anger will drain you.  Definitely.  Most definitely.  There is no better way to drain your energy than to be angry or hold a grudge.  The irony is that in our heads, we want the person to know that they have offended us.  Many of us go out of our way to make the person acutely aware that we are angry with them.  Humorously, most of the time people don’t even know that we are offended to begin with!  They don’t even know what they have done to cause us to be so angry in the first place.  Furthermore, if they did, they would most certainly apologize without question.

angerSo they go on, blissfully unaware that we are harbouring bitterness in our hearts towards them, while all the time we are inwardly seething at their insensitivity.  Many of us secretly plot our revenge, or create a dialogue as to what we would say to them the next time we meet.  We think about how to subtly get our point across without raising our voices.  We become even more indignant when they don’t even notice that we are angry, nor to they acknowledge what they have done!  They should know!  They should be held accountable!  They should apologize!  How can they act like nothing is wrong….

How can they be given the opportunity to right a wrong when you haven’t told them what they did in the first place?

Meanwhile, all this energy is being consumed with thoughts that you shouldn’t be dwelling on anyway.  Furthermore, if left unchecked, a root of bitterness can spring up which can cause a heart to grow cold.  A cold heart eventually no longer hears from the Lord because all of the hatred begins to choke out the goodness trying to come in.  In the end, the only one who ends up paying the price for offence is… you.

This is why scripture tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger.  The more time that passes, the greater foothold Satan gains into our hearts.  Did you know that the anger that you feel prevents your prayers from being answered?  Did you know that by the same measure you judge others (including their motives) you, too, will be judged?  Do you really want to be judged by your own thoughts?  Worse yet, do you want your prayers to be hindered and slowly not even hear the voice of God?  All for what?  Something that perhaps could have been resolved in a simple conversation?

Nothing is ever like we imagine it in our head.  Why go through the expenditure of being angry for something that probably has a simple explanation?

And even if it doesn’t… Even if it was malicious… It’s good that you know the truth.  God will judge them for their actions, and you will know the truth.

Our next issue is on dealing with anger, indignation and offence.  Our world is growing increasingly impatient, and anger is on the rise…. everywhere.  Anger causes school shootings, road rage, murders, acts of violence, abuse in all forms, and families to deteriorate.  Yet do we know how to effectively deal with these emotions anymore?

What about when we feel squeezed?  Pressured?  It’s like a tube of toothpaste… everything when squeezed spills out.  But it doesn’t have to.

In this issue we will teach you how to express yourself to others in love- in the absence of anger- and see results.  We give you the tools that you need to have peace in your home without sacrificing your relationships.  Most of all, you will be free of all of the negative energy that you are expending holding on to something that God tells you to release to Him.  All this and more in our next issue coming out on November 26, 2018.


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