Jesus Army Resurrected: Distinguishing Fact From Fiction

Should Christians be more active in the political arena? After all, we need to stand up for God’s design for our world, and not passively stand by while Satan has his way.

Are we being too passive? April issue directly tackles that question, as well as what areas we should be involved in, and whether policy truly does line up with God’s Word.

Yet more importantly, we need to ask ourselves what type of world do we want to leave our children? Does this world as it is benefit them? What kind of legacy are we truly leaving behind?

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  1. Why should Christians pay attention to political policy?  Discuss why Christians should care more about government policy and take a more active role.  How can our voice be heard?  What tools can we use to effect change both in action and in the spiritual?  Why aren’t we doing this more? (Taken)
  2. Politics can divide nations.  What do you do if you do not agree with the leading party’s policies?  What if they go against what God outlines in the Bible?  Do you follow a policy that is biblically wrong, or scripturally do you make a stand?  What does that look like?  Also, incorporate why we should respect the government elect.
  3. Why is the Christian body less active in politics than every other interest group?  What has caused the overall passivity and disinterest?  Discuss whether this is a time of persecution of Christianity/The church.  Does this thought have merit? (Taken)
  4. Is a largely liberal mainstream media globally detrimental to Christianity?  How does it affect us?  Furthermore, since we have become aware of “fake news”, how do we discern what is deceit from truth?  Furthermore, how do we overcome what we know is deceit? (Taken)
  5. The LGBTQ movement is gaining ground globally affecting every area of legislation.  Is this movement for or against Christianity?  What does the Bible have to say about this issue?  Can equal rights be granted without coming against the Bible?  What should a Christian’s stance/response be on this subject?
  6. Roe vs. Wade is being repealed again.  Should Christians support abortion?  Contrast the rationale of a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body verses the right to life.  Is abortion being used more as birth control- or as a choice?  Incorporate God’s stance on this subject. (Taken)
  7. Many nations all over the world are divided.  Sometimes, it is on the basis of religion.  Other times it is the policies that each individual political party represents.  There are various factors that can cause division.  Yet, God urges us not to be in division- to be united.  How is that possible?  What can we do about this?
  8. They say, “If you want the world to change, then change the next generation.”  Is the next generation being taught godly principles through the education system, or are our values being diluted?  Discuss how parents can instill godly principles in the midst of a daily diet consisting of conformity to secular ideals.  What steps must parents take for the salvation of their children? (Taken)
  9. Stories are now emerging that social media is censoring various Christians/Christian organizations citing hate speech.  Is there any validity to these claims, or are we experiencing a form of censorship?  If so, why would the media want to censor speech that does not incite violence?  Are our rights being violated? (Taken)
  10. Have Christians become too passive?  Do we stand up for God, or have we come to a place of acceptance of a very liberal, secular world?  What should we stand up for globally? How do we do this, and still be faithful to God’s teachings? (Taken)
  11. How do we pray for our leaders in power- especially when the policy that they have implemented goes against biblical principles?  Why is praying over our leaders a must for Christians?  Discuss how to pray, why every Christian should pray over their nation, and scriptures to use. (Taken)
  12. Discuss political policy over our environment.  Is it as accurate as we are led to believe?  Why should each Christian care about earth and pollution?  Use scripture to emphasize your point.  What could we do better?
  13. Discrimination is becoming a major issue globally.  Is the situation as bad as it is being portrayed in the media?  How should we view others?  How can we overcome discrimination in all facets of our society?  Why does it exist after generations of teaching accepting differences?
  14. What should a Christian’s stance be on immigration?  Should we allow illegal immigrants entrance into our countries?  Should we have guidelines?  Should they be stricter, or less strict?  What about refugee status?  Discuss whether open borders are a good idea, or a recipe for disaster.
  15. Should businesses be open on a Sunday?  Discuss this question from a biblical stance.  What would God say about this, and why?  Does this go against biblical principles?  Discuss both sides of the argument and bring it to a biblical conclusion. (Taken)
  16. COVID-19 has resulted in many people either being laid-off or unemployed.  Thus, poverty is a growing concern in many places.  How, as a Christian, can we help those who need it the most?  How do we tackle poverty on a global scale?  Are we doing everything we can to tackle this issue, or could we do more? (Taken)
  17. Should drugs such as marijuana be legalized according to the Bible?  Discuss why people are for legalizing it, and against it.  Does the same principle apply to alcohol and smoking (as both destroy our temple)?  Explain.
  18. Discuss what kind of legacy are we leaving our children. Does this political climate benefit them? Does it line up with scripture? Discuss what needs to change, and what effect current policy will have on generations to come. What does the future look like if there are no changes?
  19. Pitch an Idea (Taken)
  20. Pitch an idea. (Taken)