Are Financial Pressures Affecting Your Marriage?

At some point in our marriage, each of us has faced financial difficulties to varying degrees. We may hear others complain of their financial woes which don’t seem quite so bad to us like a friend saying they can’t go on vacation this year. Then, there are the valleys that can cause us a great deal of strain not only on our bank accounts but subsequently on our marriage as well.

Why Does Financial Strain Need to Cause Marital Pressure?

It would be nice if while dealing with financial pressures our marriage would remain the blissful state that it was in previously. However, this isn’t always the case.

While we may desperately want to believe that we can survive on love and that money doesn’t mean a thing, it is not realistic. Money does matter when it comes to life’s necessities. We need to have food on the table, shelter, and be able to pay our bills. These are everyday wants. When you combine a lack of finances with falling behind on bills or not having enough for food, stress begins to increase.

Stress further ramps up when debt collectors begin to call. The stress of not only dealing with them, but the endless calls is enough to lose sleep over. After a while, many people become conditioned to dreading a simple phone call because they worry about who is on the other end, and what it could mean.

Furthermore, while it sounds dreadful, money equates to security.

What Can it do to Your Faith Journey?

Not only do a lack of finances impact your marriage, but can affect your faith as well. While initially, most Christians will cry out to God, after prolonged periods, sometimes our faith can wane. Prolonged periods of financial drought can cause people to question God’s promises, and whether He heard their prayers to begin with.

Furthermore, even if we are doing everything right and nothing is moving, we can become frustrated. We pour over scripture wondering over and over where we are missing it. Sometimes the simplest answer is to “stand” when you have done everything else. However, this is not an easy thing to do.

Our next issue discusses finances, the impact of financial strain both individually and in marriage, and prosperity. It will walk you through what to do in times of drought, the purpose of a blessed life, and how to manage money properly.

Our next issue comes out on July 5, 2020.

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