“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

When most of us think of being stolen from, our minds quickly turn to financial loss. We can quickly rebuke Satan from stealing our finances quicker than we recognize any other way that Satan may steal from us. His trickery doesn’t stop with meddling with our money, but stems further than that into other areas that we may not be aware of.


Time Stolen!

Just the other day, my husband and I were grocery shopping for our family. It took us one hour traipsing through the packed store to get everything that we needed for that week.

Tired, hungry, and just wanting to go home, we loaded up our groceries onto the conveyor belt, and the cashier quickly scanned them in. When it came time to pay, we hit our first hurdle: the machine that takes the payment was down… and they didn’t even bother to post a sign at the door informing customers!

Shocked, we spoke to a manager who had indicated that the gateway had been down for two hours. Again, for such a lengthy period, they could have let customers know… but they didn’t.

She apologized for the inconvenience, and said there was nothing they could do about it. Frustrated, we abandoned our groceries, and went home. We realized that we would have to return later in the day to finish our grocery shopping… and remember what we had purchased in the first place.

Reflecting on the impact that this had on my day (I needed to do some work), I came to the realization that we were being stolen from. Satan didn’t steal money, but he did steal valuable time that needed to be spent elsewhere. Worse yet, was the fact that we would have to return later and spend another hour obtaining our groceries.

If Satan can’t get your money, he will often steal time. It may happen over a series of delays, interruptions to your day, or a “Chatty Kathy” that just won’t stop talking. It’s always at a time when you need to get things done, and the interruption to your day has a significant impact- in my case, work.

Satan won in this case. I was short an hour plus, and didn’t get everything that needed to be done, done. However, I am much wiser due to the revelation that God gave me in rebuking the devourer and reclaiming the time that was lost.

How Do You Reclaim Time?

Once you realize that you have been stolen from, you rebuke Satan, and you ask God to stretch time that was stolen from you. Satan’s attack over my time didn’t stop there. He continued to try and create diversions…

  • My children left a mess in my home office so much so that I couldn’t walk into the room.
  • My husband lost items that he needed immediately and I had to find them full well knowing that it was the children that misplaced them in the first place.
  • Had a long, drawn out conversation in which I couldn’t even get a word in edgewise. There was no time to say, “Can we have this conversation later as I have a deadline to meet?” The person just spoke on and on despite my subtle cues that I had work that needed to be completed.
  • Distraction after distraction which included a power failure that knocked out all of the computers, phones, and internet which all took a very long time to reboot.

However, I was wise to his tactics, rebuked him, and asked God to redeem the time.

As a result, half of my layout was completed in an hour and a half- which is unheard of. Only the grace of God could that feat be accomplished.

Satan can steal from you in other ways. He can put obstacles in your path to prevent you from being on time for an important meeting. He can steal your promotion (again by putting diversions in your path). The list goes on and on.

It should be noted, though, that sometimes God can intervene as well. Not all distractions are from the enemy. God can have a train go by making you late for an important appointment not so you don’t get the job, but so you avoid having an accident. We never know what could have happened or what was being prevented when God is involved.

These are just a few ways that Satan can distract us from achieving our goals. We need to be aware of his tactics, and rebuke him. God is faithful to restore everything that the enemy has stolen, and the beautiful thing is that we can reclaim it seven-fold!

We serve an awesome God!

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