Are You Prideful or Simply Self-Confident?

It is a fine line when trying to determine whether you are full of pride versus someone with healthy self-confidence. There is a difference between knowing who you are and what talents God has given you versus being prideful about it. We are permitted to say that we can do a certain task, or we have a certain characteristic should it be relevant to the discussion or to help another person out. So when does high self-esteem become pride?

Self-esteem is knowing who you are. It is the absence of allowing another person to define your identity. It’s being comfortable in the way that God has designed you and taking delight in how you were made. This person knows their strengths and is aware of their weaknesses. They are confident is being vulnerable and in admitting they don’t know how to do something.

Other people don’t define who they are, nor do others matter to a high extent. This person likes themselves for who they are, and this is the confidence they exude. So, when does it turn to pride?

Pride is a Heart Issue

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Self-esteem turns to pride when you become outward about your accomplishments. It is someone who turns to praise and adoration for what they have done and who they are. Scripture tells us to do our good deeds in secret- to not be boastful- lest we attract the attention of men. Self-esteem doesn’t require the praises of men. However, pride does.

Why is Pride Sinful?

Pride takes the focus off of what God can do in and through us. It places the emphasis on what we can do, instead. It places the ownership of our gifts, talents, and capabilities on ourselves- not for the glory of God. We become confident in our own abilities.

Instead of pointing people to Christ, we make them followers of ourselves. We become the expert. Often, when God works, we do something that is beyond our comfort zone or capabilities. This is how we know this is from God- because we rely on Him to accomplish something we couldn’t. When we take glory for what He does, we rob Him of the praise that is due to Him.

Trust me, you don’t want to be that person! Pride comes right before a fall, and God will not withstand someone else claiming His glory. This also keeps us humble as well. People need to come to Christ and see His magnificence- not ours. We are nothing apart from Him, and everything when He is working within us.

In our next issue, Randy Williams will discuss biblical pride. We also examine how this way of thinking has become rampant in our society and whether society, in part, teaches us to be this way.

We will also teach you how to become humble, yet self-confident at the same time.

Our next issue is released on September 26, 2021.

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