Most people would say finances, but you are absolutely… Wrong!

This is part one of a two part series on how Satan attacks our first ministry.

People think that Satan’s primary attack is on our finances. Debt loads over the previous generations have left a strangle-hold on our finances. But Satan is not necessarily to blame for this one. The fault of this one is how we have been conditioned to view money. No, the attack isn’t on our finances, but on our family. But why this area?

If you take things back to Genesis, aside from creating the world/universe, God created man. Out of man (Adam’s) rib came Eve, and the two were joined in marriage. Aside from creation, marriage and family were the first things that God created. They are also one of the first things that Satan will target because it is our first ministry.


Why Marriage and family?

Well, Satan attacks us because we were made in the likeness and image of God. Satan perverts anything good that God has created. As mentioned, our family is our first area of ministry. If you cannot minister effectively to your family, then ministering to others may not be as effective as you may like.

Why? It is because we need to be examples. If you are preaching the gospel and your family is in disarray, you may not be credible to the unsaved. Looking from the outside in, it appears as if you talk a good talk, but your walk is questionable. Furthermore, if you say that Jesus is the answer, then He should be the answer in your life. And your life should be an example to others of how to walk in victory.

It boils down to optics, when you think about it.

And while you can say that optics aren’t fair, consider all of those parenting books wherein the author didn’t even have kids. You go to them for advice on how to solve your problem, but they haven’t even experienced what it’s like to raise a child. How can they relate? They kind of discredit themselves in the process because they simply cannot relate.

The definition of family itself has been redefined throughout the years by society. It is difficult to even discern a normal. For the most part, it has become an anything goes. Yet the “anything goes” part of the equation doesn’t line up with scripture.

What are things supposed to be like?

Our September issue centers around marriage and family. In it, we discuss how values are being eroded over the years. Also, how we can turn our families back to God’s design- if we have strayed.

Additionally, we talk about how we should treat our spouses. Society has no clearly defined roles for spouses. We are told what not to be. However, we are vague on who God says we are. This leaves most couples confused.

If you find yourself asking/wondering:

  • Why are some women upset when treated like a lady?
  • Why does my husband not want to do anything? I feel like I have another child!
  • All my wife does is nag! Is this what marriage is like?
  • I feel so defeated. All my spouse does it criticize me.
  • Why does my husband seem to have a problem with me earning more money? It shouldn’t matter.
  • Why aren’t more men staying at home?
  • Should we raise our children to be gender-neutral?
  • Is it wise to have our children pick their gender?
  • Are we coddling our kids too much, these days?
  • How do you discipline your children effectively if you can’t spank? They just don’t seem to listen.

Then you may want to read our next TWO issues! Both issues will tie into each other as we tackle family at its core. One issue will define what God’s design is for marriage and family. The other will compare and contrast society with scripture.

Most importantly, do you know God’s design for your family? Many of us have blurred vision in this area.

Put your God goggles on, as we set your family on the path to victory! September 2020 issue comes out on August 26, 2020.

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Be blessed!

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