“The power of the Word is immeasurable, inspiring and changing the lives of believers around the world. To possess a Bible in one’s own language or cultural context is a priceless gift.” – Michelle Hillman

Andrew (Paul) Mouw has been working as the director for strategic projects for Oasis International’s Africa Study Bible (ASB).  The ASB is the continent’s first full English translation Bible which includes stories, cultural heritage, and experiences of Africans in mind.  Due to the fact that it includes all of this, it makes this Bible very unique in it’s features.

The Africa Study Bible contains 2,600 notes and elements from over 350 African pastors, scholars, and teachers from fifty countries bringing a diversity in perspectives.  It incorporates proverbs, stories, touchpoint, and insights that bring an African perspective to the Scriptures.  With this Bible, over 400 million African Christians are able to view their faith through a lens that speaks to their own unique experience instead of from a western perspective.  The ASB contains a timeline of God’s work over the centuries with an emphasis on early African Christianity.

Bringing that gift to an entire continent is no easy task, yet a worthwhile venture that takes years of dedication, meticulous planning, and countless hours of dialogue. For Houghton alum Andrew [Paul] Mouw, a 1965 graduate, that idea has become a reality. Mouw worked as the director of strategic projects for Oasis International’s Africa Study Bible (ASB), the continent’s first full English translation Bible with the stories, cultural heritage, and experiences of Africans in mind – making it the only one of its kind.

Mouw comments that Africans face tensions that the western world does not understand. He says that it is “so important that these insights into the Scriptures come through African eyes.  Many of the writers themselves have witnessed or endured these atrocities, making the words and hope of the ASB all the more poignant.”

Religious leaders in Africa are embracing this unique Bible as a welcome addition.  In it, Mouw stresses the importance in African culture of respected pastors and religious leaders participating in the project and giving their approval.  Their contributions are taken seriously in the faith community.

The ASB can be purchased in print or as an app from iTunes and Google Play.

“The Lord sent the right people at the right time,” Mouw notes.

The app is free of charge, and is currently in English which is a trade language of educated people in 60% of Africa.  The notes are being translated to reach those who speak French.  Portuguese and other languages will also be developed.

The ASB is being launched in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.  It is available here by Tyndale House, Amazon, and Christianbook.com.

Learn more at http://oasisint.net/africa-study-bible/.


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    Hello! Thank you for a great article. A quick edit, Paul’s first name is Andrew, not Richard. Thank you!

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