Founder and CEO of Living Waters Evangelism Resources, Ray Comfort—who brought us the “180” Pro-life Movie, and the apologetic movie “Evolution Vs God”, along with the award winning television series “The Way of the Master”—releases a phenomenal new documentary DVD, entitled “The Atheist Delusion.” This is an excellent movie where Ray Comfort addresses the topic of Atheism, Hell, and sin by interviewing people out in the community and on college campuses. He asks them if they believe in God or consider themselves to be an Atheist. Once they answer that they are indeed an Atheist, Ray then hands them a book and asks them if the book just happened from nothing, or if it had a designer or maker. This is a perfect segue, to a deeper and more meaningful conversation about intelligent design. According to the movie’s promotional material, “‘The Atheist Delusion’ pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. Follow a number of atheists as they go where the evidence leads and display an honesty that is rarely seen on film.”


Through magnificent stock footage of animals and high quality iPhone video interview footage, Ray Comfort provides a powerful example of how to witness to unbelievers, particularly Atheists. Ray bravely engages Atheists on the street in a kind in loving way that challenges their beliefs without being confrontational. He does this through sound, logical arguments and non-threatening questions. This is an excellent movie that can be used as a witnessing tool to non-believing friends and is another great resource from Living Waters Evangelism for your apologetics toolkit. The pre-release digital download is available now, and will be given away for free on You Tube on September 30, 2016.


This is a family-friendly movie, but I would not recommend this movie for younger audiences due to comments inquiring individuals about their sinful behaviors of lust and fornication. There are several references to Hell, and the killing of Nazi’s is mentioned. Use parental discretion to determine whether your child is old enough to handle these topics.


This is truly a phenomenal documentary movie, and is a must see for both Christian and non-Christian families. I am so thankful for men like Ray Comfort who boldly share the truth of the Gospel message in a loving and compassionate way. I highly recommend that you watch this movie, and share it with as many people as possible.
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