Reviewed By Clarissa Lee Kennerly

Audacity is an awesome representation of how a Christian should deal with the topic of homosexuality when confronted with it in the world. It gives a true look at this topic from the prospective of the Christian, the homosexual, and most importantly God. While watching the movie, I realized that a lot of my questions, as a Christian heterosexual woman, were being answered about how we should react when confronted with this issue. The writers and producers give a true real life experience to learn from as opposed to an unrealistic movie world experience. It was evident to me early on that I had to find out how to get a copy of the video to show to my young adult group as we tackle this topic. It is great film for high school and up, believers and unbelievers alike, to show the love of Christ to everyone and why it is important for us to not be silent on this issue.
The beginning of the film draws you in by presenting a number of scenarios which leads you to wonder what this film is really about and how all of these scenes are going to come together to tell a story. The first scenario shows a lady, whom we find out later is named Diana, in a car who appears to be at a red light or stopped for some reason when a man starts banging on her car window demanding that she opens her door. She screams and he takes a rock and breaks the window in her car. The next scene c shows a guy, Ben, telling jokes. We then see Diana again out to dinner with Hailey talking about the new guys at work she’s met, Ben, the comedian, and Peter. Lastly, we see Peter watching a television program about Christians and the issue of homosexuality.

As the film moves on we see the real struggle of what Christians are facing through Peter. He has a dream which forces him to look at the issue of homosexuality and confront it by not staying silent. It pushes him out of his comfort zone and forces him to have answers to the many questions surrounding this issue regardless of the ridicule that he receives. He does this through the help of a video of interviews conducted by Ray Comfort. At the beginning of the film, the viewer is made aware that these interviews are real. They are not a part of a script which makes the film even better. It gives us a real life example of how people in the country view this issue and try to justify it. Through their justifications, Mr. Comfort is able to present the truth of Jesus Christ in love and the truth of the Bible, without condemnation. It gives the viewer the necessary tools to confront this issue as well with wisdom and grace.

There are several twists in the film which keeps the viewer interested and surprised as it ends where it begins with the man throwing the rock in the car window and this is where the real lessons begin. There are several great lines in the film that one can relate to in the form of foreshadowing and it is towards that end that these lines come into fruition. There are lines like “The time for change is now” or “a risk I’m willing to take-no risk, no reward”, and “People change”. And I cannot leave out the very appropriate song that was played which pointed out “Love can’t stay silent, it’s gotta tell the truth…”
Audacity is a great film which tackles the subject of homosexuality and the stereotypical view of the Christian when it comes to this topic. It takes the viewer on a roller coaster of situations and reactions that are backed by scriptures and God’s love. I think every church should have their members watch this film and do the curriculum that comes along with it. We need to be on one accord, we need to stand in love, and we need to tell the truth. This film will teach us how to do so.

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