The situation with George Floyd left several impressions about racism. Some of us believed wholeheartedly that police officers were there to serve and protect. We had peace knowing that we were safe. So to hear the news that a police officer, in the course of duty, had cut off a suspect’s air supply, well, that rocks our perception of the way things should be.

There are others who tried to justify and analyze the situation. Some say, “well, he was caught in a crime”, or “police are trained to deal with those who resist arrest”. These are logical statements. However, the next question should be, why ignore George’s comments that he couldn’t breathe? When you can’t breathe, you will do all you can to get oxygen. Yet, that might be deemed as resisting arrest because you are squirming.

So, what was truly going through the officer’s mind when he refused to release their hold? Why did no one notice that this man was struggling to breathe? We may never know the whole story.

Then there are others who took it to the streets advocating for change. Some protests were peaceful. Others turned into looting and riots. So for those that became violent, do you think that anyone heard your message? What about all the victims (shop owners, etc) that suffered? They didn’t do anything wrong.

So how does that stop racism, or create change? It doesn’t.

Furthermore, faced with injustice that the man’s life was taken, what would God have wanted? How should people have behaved? Jesus suffered injustice, persecution, and similar things. Yet we have no records that he acted with true violence, incited riots, or looted.

Is Our world really this bad? How do you deal with Racism? Does it really exist?

Should you be worried? Are we facing end times? Will things only get worse? Jesus faced times similar to ours and worse. Not much has changed. The bigger question should be how are we going to make things better. What things need to be in place so this never happens again?

Our August 2020 issue deals with racism, and what can be learned from this situation. It discusses how to deal with racism, and how to raise our kids so they don’t repeat the same cycle. We discuss how/why racism occurs in various forms. Also, we talk about how God resolves issues of the heart.

We talk about how to love as God does. Questions are asked as to whether our nation is becoming desensitized to Christian values. Are our police officers going rogue, or is this just an isolated situation? And we ask YOU whether you may be racist in a certain area- but are unwilling to admit it.

These topics and more in this issue of FFFM. Interviews include Master Mind’s Brooke Burns, and Pastor Tim Ross.

Our August Issue can be found here.

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