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Tired Of Your Past Affecting The Brightness Of Your Future?


Whether we want to admit it or not, our lives are shaped by past experiences. They create perceptions or thoughts within us. Positive experiences mold our character and create great characteristics within us. Meanwhile, while bad experiences don’t always mean a poor future. They can have one of three effects on the person experiencing them.…

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Refusal To Change: Is The Relationship Over?


It may depend on what you are fighting over. Sometimes, we argue over insignificant things in an attempt to mask a larger issue. Also, sometimes we can just be very critical, and in our negativity become demanding for change. It is important to determine beforehand whether the issue is your spouse, or within you. In…

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Tired Of The D(M)ating Game And Want To Settle Down?


The world’s portrait of dating is that you “shop around”, and if we are truthful, sleep around. Yet, no one ever tells many single people why this ideology is flawed, and why they can’t find a fulfilling relationship. Fulfilling relationships are based partly on your self-image, partly what you think you deserve, and on biblical…

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Is Your Confession Keeping You Stuck In An Area?


What are you thinking, and what are you confessing over your present situation? We can ask others to pray over us, and stand in agreement believing for a miracle. Yet if our mouths speaks negatively, we can prolong what we are waiting for. There are those who will tell you that even talking to someone…

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