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Grudge Match: When Fighting Overrides Forgiveness


Today’s Question: Can Holding A Grudge Prevent You From Feeling The Love of God? They may seem like to totally different topics- forgiving someone and the love of God- but truly they are one and the same. Forgiveness- at least in the true sense of the term- cannot be accomplished in the absence of the…

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Suicide: What Causes Christians To Take Their Own Life?

Suicide… What leads people to take their own life?  There are no easy, nor definitive answers to this topic.  There is no formula to why people decide to take their own life as we cannot possibly know what thoughts go on in a person’s head at any given moment. Some people commit suicide who appear…

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Learning to Love the Sinner I Used to Be

As we go through our lives, we have met and will meet many people. Each person will come to us at a different time and will form a unique relationship of some magnitude and duration. Some will be family, some friends, some will be co-workers, some will become extended family, and some will come and…

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Hollywood Weighs in on Christmas Beginning with Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Cups, Christian Syrian Refugees, and More Talks About Those Starbucks Coffee Cups Highlight the Holiday Season The people of Hollywood are coming out of from their corners, and they are squaring off on faith and spiritualism with the media propaganda handed down daily. We have “Christians are Crazy too”, “The Starbucks Sippy Cup…

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Understanding the Muslim Faith and ISIS

What is the Difference Between Muslims and ISIS? The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows the beliefs that Judgment Day is about power- absolute power. The Islamic State is built from a place, and it is desire for territory that maintains their survival. They do not look…

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Threats From ISIS are Real Mister President

Fears About ISIS Mount over Refugees in the United States Nations around the world are under attack. ISIS has become a growing part within the society, that very few of us want to be present. Those who do want them, seem to have a message. That message is pure evil. The threats began from Osama…

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Soul Searching Causes Longing for the Father

It is no secret how often people wonder about, a soul. Not just a soul I suppose, but their soul. Will they go to heaven, or hell? Does their soul have a mate? Can their soul transcend time and space, and meet, talk, feel, or experience on another level? Is there such a thing as…

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Seek Understanding with Truth Not Perspectives

There are many rewards to fellowship with the other church members such as providing for the service of those there, and for those in need when reaching outside of the church. There’s also providing for those who come to the church and have needs in times of great loss, or even great joy. Everyone knows,…

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