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Marriage Sinking? What Foundation Was It Built On?


No, we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves, being angry, and assigning blame. At some point, we may take a self-inventory, but anger and bitterness helps us either justify things, or numbs the pain. Most of our relationships today begin on a superficial level. There are sparks which we equate to love/romance/compatibility. We love…

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What You Do When Squeezed Determines Your Outcome

demonic activity

Yes, stress is never an easy thing to manage. We’ve all experienced extreme stress at one point or another, yet it’s how we manage those times that will determine what happens next in our lives. Often when we are squeezed in life, it reveals our true character- what’s really in our heart. This comes out…

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“Intuition” Indicates Something Greater In Operation!


Are You Inadvertently Claiming Intuition Over God’s Gifts In Operation? (Women’s) intuition, gut feeling, unction, hunch, sensation, etc can be symptomatic of something greater in operation over your life- especially if they are frequent, and often accurate. There are those that are so spiritually sensitive, that they can just feel things in the atmosphere. They…

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Feeling “Demonized” By Your Past?

There is no real “pun” in this statement.  Believers can, and are, often demonized by past events by Satan in a form of harassment.   How Does Satan Harass You? This form of bombardment is called demonic harassment- and it’s exactly that- harassment from the enemy.  It’s part of Satans 1-2-3 punch.  The first, is…

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Defeat Remedy: Calling Out To God In Times Of Despair


There is a misnomer (for some) that when you become a Christian, life becomes easier.  However, God never said that our life as a Christian would be easy- in fact He said that we would suffer trials, temptation, and persecution for His name’s sake.  He said that we would face challenges, and no one said…

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Looking To Enhance Intimacy In Your Marriage?


Marriage is said to go through four stages in it’s development, and each stage has a varying effect on intimacy. Numerous studies have concluded that marital satisfaction decreases with the first child, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.  Nor does divorce (another trend) make parenthood better.  What does improve intimacy is how…

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