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The Greatest Command Is Love. Do You Measure Up?


Every day is one to celebrate in the Lord, during your quiet time (especially when the kids are watching), reading the Bible and praying.  But there are those days when you are stretched beyond your limits, your kids — taught the Word and prayed with and over — stray from your example (Mom AND Dad) pull stunts…

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Tips For Fighting Anti-Christian Values At School

The World Has Gone Crazy! Public Schools Are Horrible!  Yep, isn’t that the truth.  Not everyone can afford private schools or can homeschool kids, certainly not these days. But evil inundates our schools. You fear this as soon as you enroll your child. With new laws passed, our churches can’t even speak the truth without getting…

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Don’t Fit The “Mold” As A Mom? That’s Okay!


As A Mom, Kids Will Rock Your World! Yes. Children will not just rock your world, they’ll turn you upside down. At birth, through adulthood, kids are always and forever, your kids.   As you move through months and years, you’ve read the Bible, prayed with them, and made sure they have good Christian friends. You’ve…

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End Times: Raising Children Full Of Purpose

End Times

Whether you believe our days are end times is irrelevant. We live a world falling apart, each country, not just our own. If you cannot see this, look toward your Bible and read Romans, chapter 1 and 2nd Timothy chapter 3, for starters.          This is not a political article. It’s about family in these times.…

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