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Posts by Deanne Williams

People Pleasers: Help Me Help Myself…. PLEASE!


There are those that recognize that they are a people pleaser, and those that don’t. Some are fine with it, but they don’t realize that there is a significant cost to being this way. For some, it effects them, personally. They are hurt when their efforts are not acknowledged (although many claim that they really…

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Life’s Comfy Rut Preventing You From God’s Vision?


Could this be you? Ruts are a comfortable- yet dangerous- place to be. Why dangerous? While there is nothing wrong with being content where we are, we cannot settle for where we are at in life. Settling prevents our upward mobility into God’s plan and purpose over our lives. How do you know that God…

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Transform releases house party + rock + rap single ‘Wildfire’


  Transform (formerly Transform DJs) newest release ‘WildFire’ is a strong mix of house party-meets rock-meets rap fest vibe. Transform introduces both youth and adults to an enjoyable yet energetic experience of praise, that will most definitely keep them on their feet until the last verse. This strong house party sound makes Wildfire a great way…

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