Is Your Faith Floundering, Flourishing or Finished?


When it comes to faith, you will learn as you grow that you will never “arrive”. Many of the things we were taught early in our faith walk that seem so clear, concise and cut in stone begin to have caveats as you grow. The “baby” Christian has just encountered Jesus. They are excited, full…

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Hebrews 1: How Did Things Change After The Ascension?


Hebrews 1:8-14 are a wonderful source for comparing and contrasting Jesus with the role of the ministering angels.  In it, we not only discover what ministering angels do, but we also see both the nature of Jesus, and ultimately, God through Him. “But about the Son, the Father says to Him, “Your throne, Oh God, is…

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1 Thing May Be Preventing Your Success


What Could Be Preventing You From Going Higher In Christ? It’s a little thing… really, but it generates a whole lot of trouble if left unchecked. This “little thing” is your mouth, and scripture warns us about our use of it. Have you ever heard the scripture that reads, “Life and death is in the…

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Love Sinner But Hate Sin- Is It Christian Hypocrisy?


To a non-believer, it seems like a contradiction. How can you love someone- truly love someone- but not be accepting of a sinful lifestyle? We live in a world that can be summed up in one phrase, “I’ll do my thing, and you can do your thing. Don’t judge.” Yet, there is a one who…

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