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First-Time Parent And Don’t Know What To Expect?


Rob & Stephanie Green Help Parents Learn What To Expect And How To Raise Godly Kids There are many books out there on what parents can expect while expecting- and many of them are flooded with excellent, practical information. Yet, how many of them tells you how to raise godly children? How many of them…

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Breakthrough Movie: How Deep Is A Mother’s Faith?


The movie, Breakthrough, is based on the true story of one mom’s unfailing love despite being up against impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son, John, falls through a frozen Missouri lake, hope for his life had ended. Watching her some lay there, lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up her faith. Her unwavering belief that…

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“No”: Rejecting The Idea Or Rejecting You?


What Do You Internalize When You Hear This Word? For many of us, the word “no” is just a fact of life. Not everyone will be on board with our ideas, plans, comments, or want to do what we say. “No” is an expression of a desire, or a boundary. For most, no just means…

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Do You Have Grace And Guts When Faced With Adversity?

Grace and Guts

Grace and Guts: How To Live A Knock-Out Life Released January 22, 2019 The book, Grace and Guts by Shannon Perry, discusses how all women are warriors. Women fight for everything… family, friends, children, faith- but often neglect themselves. Satan comes to “kill, steal and destroy” according to scripture. It’s easy to get taken out,…

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Performance Anxiety Stressing Your Children Out?

Some may say yes, some may say no. It depends on the family, and the perspective. What we do know is that anxiety and stress are on the rise with youth. The question becomes what is the cause, and is this shift anything new or something that’s being exposed. Some would say definitively that stress…

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Entering Adulthood: Real World, Real Expectations

You’ve Done A Good Job In Raising Them, But Will Their Faith Survive While On Their Own As An Adult? You have raised your children to have a relationship with God, and they have learned their scripture. You have taught them how to live a Christian lifestyle, and now it’s time for them to leave…

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Remember Me: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?


What will you be remembered for when you die? As we grow older, we begin to reflect more on what we would have liked to have done, versus what we have accomplished so far. As we hit middle age, we begin to evaluate whether or not our life has meaning, and whether or not we…

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Can Humour Veil A Lack Of Respect In Marriage?


“I was just joking! Can’t you take a joke?“ Were you? Were you, really? There is nothing wrong with humour, but when it comes at someone else’s expense, it may border on a lack of respect. You can justify it by saying that everyone else thought that it was funny because they laughed. However, was…

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4 Ways In Which Satan Steals Your Breakthrough


Feelings of Abandonment Are Natural When You Are Battling A Storm- But Don’t Stay There! Scripture tells us that we will face times of hills and valleys (times of prosperity and times of despair). ¬†No where in scripture does it tell us that living a Christian life will be easy. ¬†Scripture warns us that there…

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