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Why Does It Seem Like God’s Provision Dried Up?


It doesn’t make sense. Scripture tells us that God will provide all of our needs… And He did, initially. Now, there is some provision, but just enough for us to be comfortably uncomfortable. What is going on? Many of us have gone through a season of financial lack. Sometimes the reason is temporary unemployment, extended…

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Healing From The “One” That Decided They Weren’t

Trying to find the person that God has for you can be tough. Even more frustrating is when you think that you have found your spouse only to have them break up with you. How is healing possible when you feel like you were rejected? Where is the happily ever after? “Was it my fault?…

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Friendship Isn’t About Quantity But Quality


We can say that we have many friends, and our Facebook page might reflect those relationships, but how many of them would truly qualify as “friend” status? And do your friends fit the definition of friend or are they acquaintances? The different categories of relationships are as follows: Acquaintance- Someone that you know on a…

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1 Small Change Can Generate Big Differences


You have heard us continually say that our words have power, yet many still dismiss this notion. Some justify what they say by mentioning that God knows their heart, and if they don’t really mean it, then it won’t come to pass. Interesting thought, but completely wrong, and here’s why. We have an enemy who…

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