Are We Bah-Humbugs This Season?


This year has been rough. It would seem that the bah-humbugs this season would be warranted. But are they? It’s reasonable we are weary and worn from political, social, world issues against the backdrop of a pandemic that’s driven an undercurrent of uncertainty every day.   What is also true, however, is that globally, there is a…

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Parents, Let’s Not Panic!


Tim Mackie, an American theologian who started the new phenomenally popular Bible Project, once upon a time told his parents he wanted to quit church. He was twelve. He had a list of reasons why. Despite going on to earn a PhD in Hebrew Bible, pastor a church, and launch a learning tool that is accessed by two million…

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During These Times, We (Can Be) The Church


Seven months into this pandemic, and handling weekly church services at home with our nearest and dearest has been…eye opening. Everyone’s asking questions, right there around the kitchen table. The sermon’s done or the devotional is finished. Where there once was a whole team behind the scenes whispering into wireless mikes clipped Houston-control-tower style near…

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Can’t Do It Ourselves? Borrow From Church!

When Corrie ten Boom, a renowned war hero from the 1940’s, was a little girl, she asked her father awkward questions about life and love. She grew up to do great things that included hiding her Jewish neighbors from the Nazis regime during World War II, but as a kid, her early questions were just like any…

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Can We Equip Our Tween To Argue Well?


In 1739, church forefather John Wesley announced serious disagreements with another church forefather (and his best friend) George Whitefield, after which two notable things happened. First, their ministry broke up – one kept control over the Methodist denomination and the other started the Welsh Presbyterian church.  Second, they still remained very close friends. In fact, decades later, when…

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