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Am I Hearing God’s Voice Or Is It My Own?

How many of us have wondered the same thing?  We hear a voice, and we become excited!  We so desperately want to hear God’s voice… but yet we want to be sure that it’s God’s voice that we are hearing, and not just our own thoughts.  So how can you tell the difference? Scripture tells…

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Stepping Into The Things That Punchlines Are Made Of?


Oh those punchlines!  Men, have you ever dismissed your wife’s feelings by staying, “Must be that time of the month”?  Ladies, have you criticized your husband for not cleaning up after himself- when he just got home after a hard day?  It’s the things that we laugh about in a conversation, and “pat ourselves on…

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Andrew Peterson Releases Resurrection Letters: Volume 1

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson, Dove-award nominee, hooked me when he released, “Be Kind to Yourself,” in 2015. This year, he released two albums. Resurrection Letters: Prologue and Resurrection Letters: Volume 1 are prequels to his 2008 album, Resurrection Letters: Volume 2. You might remember that album for the worship song, “All Things New.” Ben Shive cowrote and…

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