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Does Fire & Brimstone Teaching Promote Fear?


Apparently not, or maybe it’s taken on a different form. There are Christians out there that are genuinely fearful that one misstep will land them in Hell- far from the teaching that Jesus gave. Fear can be a powerful motivator… but one that should DEFINITELY NOT be used with Christian teaching. Fear should never be…

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Someone’s Salvation Making You Go, “Hmm…”?


They say they are saved and can even quote the date/experience in vivid detail. However, when you look at their life, there is no change. “How can they be saved and still life the same horrible lifestyle that dishonours God?” you silently ask yourself. You feel guilty for even wondering if they are saved or…

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God’s Secret “Intel”: Reasoning Behind The Motive

secret intel

What Is God’s Secret Intel? Discernment isn’t always about the ability to distinguish the supernatural from the natural. It also means to have the ability to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment. In short, it is about supernaturally knowing the motive behind something, in addition to the knowledge of whether…

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Will Your Kids Maintain A Faith Filled Future?


Will They Be Able To Maintain The Faith Or Will It Fall By The Wayside? As youth embark on their post-secondary education, many will experience learning theories that are contrary to their faith. The problem is that they sound plausible, and if they aren’t equipped with a firm foundation, they may find what they believe…

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