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God Rested On The Seventh Day- Is He Still Resting?


Hebrews 4 is an interesting chapter which speaks in length about rest, the various forms of rest, and how it applies in each instance.  Rest, in this scripture, means many different things depending on the reference and the translation.  It goes on to end by giving believers confidence in their relationship with Christ that first, we have…

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If You Knew The “Why” Behind A Warning….


The problem is that most times we are simply told, “Don’t do it.” Or how many of us, humorously, have used the phrase, “Because I said so” and realized that you sound just like your parents! Perhaps you don’t really understand the reasoning behind some of the instructions that your parents gave you other than…

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Bitterness Is A Coping Skill For Pain- Not Just Anger


We have shared about how to “uproot” the root of bitterness in your life. Additionally, we’ve discussed how not to allow bitterness to take root in the first place, and the importance of maintaining a soft heart. Compiling a “how to” list is easy when it comes to overcoming feelings of bitterness, but if we…

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Overcomer Movie: Can A Coach See Who He Truly Is?

Kendrick Brothers, Overcomer

Coach John Harrison’s life changes in an instant when a large, local manufacturing plant shuts down. The unexpected news shocks the community as many workers are now forced to find work elsewhere. The mass exodus of workers doesn’t concern John much… at first. Despite the dropping rate of students, he still has his star basketball…

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Christian Values: Did Society Uphold Or Erode Them?


Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will have a different answer to the above statement. Some of you will compare your location to the rest of the world and determine that others have it much worse than you do. Others of you, no matter where you live you will see…

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