Why is the Church Divided on COVID and a Vaccine?

vaccine, COVID

Long ago, forbidden topics included politics and church. Now, we have introduced COVID and a vaccine to the mix. Sadly, the church is completely divided on this subject, and scripture tells us not to be. Christ’s bride is to be a unified front. So what is it about this topic that generates such a heated…

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Should We Hold Parents Responsible for a Rebellious Child?


The tendency when a child gets into serious trouble is to blame the child. We attribute their rebellious attitude and actions to something the parents must have done wrong. It’s an easy and convenient justification. It may even be a correct assumption in the majority cases. However, what if we got it wrong! This question…

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KCM Southwest Believer’s Convention on August 2-7, 2021

KCM Southwest Believer's Convention

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) is holding a Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, Texas on August 2-7, 2021. The conventions are six days in duration, and are packed full of scripture. Attendees can expect to hear messages from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland in addition to other ministers. Each morning begins with pre-service prayer, and there…

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Is Your Child’s Soul Caught in a Tug of War?


There are so many things out there vying for your child’s soul. What parents view as harmless activities can quickly turn dangerous if we are not mindful. We need to be active participants in our child’s life in order to train and equip them for the adult years coming up ahead. The hottest trend is…

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